A GPS Moment in Moose Country


With my Garmin Zumi loaded with custom routes and points of interest files, and mounted firmly to the handle bars of my motorcycle, I headed East along the Vermont side of the Canadian border on my expedition toward my destination of Pittsburg, the largest and northern most town in the state of New Hampshire.

First stop was for some fuel at a Cumberland's Farm in Newport, Vermont. Little did I know that there, I would be provided with my first GPS moment of my week's excursion on the two-lane roads of Northern New England.

“Nice bike.” I heard someone say from the other side of the gas pumps. “Thank you,” I responded.

The gentleman hung up the hose he had been using, and while glancing at my license plate, he scratched his chin once and the back of his neck twice, and said, “Texas, Huh?” “Grand Prairie, Near Dallas,” I responded.

“Where you headed?” He asked in a tone that suggested that there could be some place that I wouldn’t be allowed to go without permission.

“Pittsburg, New Hampshire,” I answered. “I’m in hopes of maybe seeing a moose,” I continued.

“Know how to get there?” He asked. And this time the inflection in his voice was that of relief that I wasn’t going to whatever place it was that I would need permission to visit.

“I have it in my GPS.” I answered as I pointed to the Zumi mounted to my handlebars.

“GPS, huh,” He said with a slight snicker behind his breath. “Not going to do you any good in Pittsburg.” He offered.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Won’t work, that’s why not.” He snapped back with confidence.

“I don’t understand.” I said.

“Over in that country, they turn the satellite off.” He said with full honesty and belief.

I passed him a friendly smile, climbed into the saddle of my bike, and brought the big twin engines to life with the turn of the key....... I wonder if they turn it off because it bothers the moose, I pondered as I continued my journey, now, with a slight trepidation of getting lost.

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the back country.. So...did the GPS loose lock when you go there?? hehe

You'll never know...

n9mxq wrote:

the back country.. So...did the GPS loose lock when you go there?? hehe

He didn't respond yet, right ? Must mean he's still out there somewhere. razz

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Moose Country

GPS worked fine.... did see a moose, although I had to have a Border Patrol officer confirm my sighting seeing that it was standing very still, not far from the edge of the road and I wasn't sure it was real.

Oldrivers http://www.oldrivers.blogspot.com


Glad you saw a moose.

I went up into northern interior Maine a couple years ago and saw several, and then last year up in Nova Scotia, I saw a few more. Huge animals.

Hope you enjoyed New England.

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