Going to Chisasibi, QC what should I bring?


Chisasibi is way up there... Google Map it.

What should I bring regarding GPS guidance and cell phone capability? I'll be using a Garmin GPSMAP60CSx and an iPhone. Also have a Yaesu VX-8R with GPS.

I'll load up with all sorts of waypoints and POI. I have Navigon on my iPhone.

Any advice for iPhone cell service in Canada? I understand I can buy a short-term service plan, like for the time I'll be in Canada, and it should be less expensive than going without, depending on usage. However, most of my time in Canada will be in areas where there is no coverage.

The plan is to go to Chisasibi, QC to see Northern Lights, which have been plentiful due to the active Sun storms. Then head over to Prince Edward Island. The solar cycle has been so active recently we might see Northern Lights at PEI.

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