Why Have a GPS?


I just took a bus trip with basketball fans and it was fun.
Our wonderful driver had a GPS unit so we were in good hands. When we turned off I80 at the sports complex turnoff things went bad. He had muted the GPS and when we should have turned left he turned right. We took a tour of the residential suburbs all the way to the city limits before turning around on a residential street. When back downtown he turned on a street that had a 10 foot clearance chain across it. He missed the sign before turning telling about the clearance. He looked and then drove on having the chain drag across the roof. He only then realized that the coach would not go under the bridge. He then backed up dragging the chain back across the roof breaking something on top. Then he turned the bus around on a 2 lane road backing into a concrete wall. We finally arrived at the restaurant and then the game.
After the game we went outside to where he said he would meet us but no bus. The person with the bus drivers telephone called him and found out he was on the other side of the stadium. We walked around because we were afraid he might get lost.

I think

I'd be emailing this to the bus company...geesh

Operator error

Sounds like he didn't know how to use a GPS.

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That kinda sounds like my sister when she borrowed a GPS for her Florida trip. She didn't think it was important to ask anyone how to use it.

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As Ron White says....

You can't fix stupid. A hammer is a great tool to pound in nails but probably not a good idea to hit your windshield or hand with it.
The driver should never have been behind the wheel but more telling is who's responsible for allowing him to drive the bus? That person maybe just as guilt dependding on training or tests given before this driver was even allowed on the road.
Probably lucky someone wasn't killed or injured.
A GPS is a great tool but if you don't read road signs or pay attention to what is going on around you hard to say the GPS is at fault.


Why do we watch the evening news or read the local newspaper? Now days many of us wonder if what they are saying or writing is true.

Why Have a GPS?

One thing I did find out while riding in a coach is that unlike driving in a car, you are high enough to see in the cabs of truckers you are passing. In the 110 mile trip on the interstate I viewed 13 truckers and 8 automobile drivers with cell phones in their hands. We also passed a disabled car that had just hit a deer. On the return trip the dark windows made it almost impossible to see out of but this will verify my thoughts of why on my many trips I see trucks weaving (on my last trip I was almost run off the road by one).