Nassau by GPS


My wife and I recently returned from a one week vacation in Nassau, New Providence Is, Bahamas. We've made this trip many times over the years (we have a time share there), but this year was particularly interesting as we took our Garmin c550 with us. I corresponded, last month, with the folks at and they said the software would be released by the time we arrived. Once there, we contacted their software representative, Enrique "Rico" Knowles, who met us at our time share and walked us through the Mapsource installation process. The software is locked to the Unit ID by a 25 character unlock code to prevent cloning. Rico went the extra mile to make sure all was installed correctly and working properly.

After overcoming the stigma of driving on the wrong (oops sorry) left side of the road in our rental or "SD" as it's called (self drive), we proceeded to venture forth to our programmed locations.

We had a wonderful time viewing historical sites like the Queen's Staircase, Ft Fincastle, and Arawak Cay. We toured the Bacardi & Co Factory and the infamous Fox Hill Prison to name a few places. We went shopping at Paradise (Island) Shopping Village, the Straw Market, the Marathon and Town Centre Malls and numerous shoppes recommended by friends and family. We ate at various restaurants serving the local cuisine. At many of the these restaurants (ie Twin Brothers, Bridges, The Shoal Restaurant, The Sand Trap, and Checkers Cafe (a Bahamian food restaurant chain), a large $7.50 meal can feed two people! For $8.00, Mr Pool and Goldie make some of the best conch salad on Arawak Cay or the "Fish Fry" as it's sometimes called.

Of course, I can't forget the Casinos. We programmed the GPS for the casinos at Atlantis, Paradise Island, and Wyndham Nassau Resort's Crystal Palace Casino. I am happy to say we walked away winners. Unfortunately, not enough to retire but I think we did win enough to buy, hmmm... , say the Mapsource map of Jamaica, maybe (you see where I'm going with this). wink

Hotel internet connections like "Wayport" are very expensive there. Thank God for Starbucks! Every evening, we'd stop at Starbucks on Bay Street (there are 5 locations in Nassau) to use their free internet to check our email and upload our daily pictures to friends and family. VOIP really pays off here, people.

All of the afforementioned are programmed POIs in the software. In previous years, we rode the jitney labyrinths, took expensive taxi rides, or rented a car using cumbersome maps to find places. Nassau by GPS certainly made this year's trip much more interesting. A must have for the adventurer! I highly recommend it to anyone. The locals say, if you can drive there, you can drive anywhere! Nassau by GPS certainly helps to make that possible.

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