I should have listened (MSN Direct)


I got off work early today and was on my way to have lunch with my wife. I knew the way, but as always I set the Garmin up to navigate anyway. For some unknown reason, the Garmin was sending me onto a different highway than I normally would go. After I rejected her suggestion, she kept telling me to get off at the next exit and head for the other highway. I kept ignoring her. This went on for 3 exits. It didn't make any sense.

Suddenly I heard a voice "Road Closure Ahead". I have the C580 with MSN Direct. It was the middle of the day and I was cruising at the speed limit with no problems in sight. I figure it was a glitch or incorrect data. I figured wrong!

After it was too late to get off the highway, traffic stopped. There was indeed a major fatal accident ahead and the highway was closed. I canceled lunch with my wife and finally made it home after 2 hours. It's normally a 50 minute drive.

I should have listened.

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We'll that is the problem with MSN

You just don't know when to listen to it because too many times it reroutes you when it would be a lot faster to stay on the freeway and then sometimes it get it right. But as you point out, it was too late to help you because if you had the road closure information 3 exits back you would not have had to wait. I also run into the problem where it shows a one minute delay when it an hour. I use the traffic as a guide to make my own decesions because I've been burnt too much just listening to it.

Did you tap on the incident and read the detailed infor on it? If so what did it say?

It said the highway was

It said the highway was closed due to a major accident, but it had the location wrong. That's what threw me also... I was cruising along at full speed in the location it was telling me was closed. I should have checked for incidents as soon as I saw it was sending me to the other highway, although I probably still wouldn't have listened! By the time I switched from XM to local radio to get a traffic report, it was too late. I was stuck.

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traffic info

it doesn't seem to matter if it is FM, MSN or XM traffic info there is a significant delay in accurate info.

but it still beats the heck out of having no idea what is happening.

the good news is traffic info will continue to improve

wrong or incomplete info

Howdy. I have the C550 and it also sometimes gives the incorrect delay times.

traffic delays with MSN Direct

I just used my nuvi with MSN direct this evening. According to it, my traffic delay was anywhere's from 2 to 7 minutes long with average speeds of 35 mph.
In reality it was a 20 minute delay with 0 to 15 mph. Grrr.

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