Nuvi370 in Hungary


Well the upgrade to the Garmin Nuvi370 as well as the purchase of the NaviGuide for Hungary paid off. For the first two weeks of September I roamed around hungary using the Nuvi to find lots of castles, wineries, museums, and family. The investment was well worth it, especially once i got to see the face of my sister-in-law looking at the place she lived in, and had not seen since escaping the country in 1956! Also, my wife was able to show me where she used to go to play when she visited family many years ago.

The POI helped for a couple of times when we wanted to jsut drive to a monument in the middle of Budapest, rather than taking mass transit and walking. The only strange thing was in one part of the country, near Lake Balaton, the unit seemed to lose the signal cause it kept saying I was off course. After driving straight for several kilometers it seemed to find everything again and went back to normal.


-Mark (Garmin 2610, Nuvi370)

Great inputs

That's the model I want to get

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I've had my 370 about three weeks and have used it to navigate from AZ to IN but I purchased the 370 over the 350 for next June when we RV the British Isles starting in Duesseldorf,GR.

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Nuvi370 in Hungary

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I want one!

I wonder if Santa bring me one for Christmas. *wink* I want to go to Spain next year. Thanks for sharing the great experience.

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