Nuvi 660 holiday traffic report: the good and the bad


I used my Nuvi 660 to get to and from some family on Christmas day. The good news is that the traffic feature successfully detected an accident on the Long Island Expressway and re-routed me to the adjacent Northern State Parkway. Very cool!

On the way home however, it was rather insistent on using the GW to get back across the Hudson River despite many yellow traffic markings indicating slow traffic. Common sense prevailed and I took a different crossing, which wound up being fast and quiet.

Anyone else have any traffic receiver success or failure stories to report during their holiday travels?


Some of the delays that I have seen on the traffic screen are 1 - 3 minute delays and merely slow me down, but still result in the fastest route.

For example, going to the airport from Cincinnati requires a trip over the river. I have been routed on surface streets to the last entrance on some occasions but kept on the freeway in other situations where it showed short delays. It has always worked out OK.


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