Trip to Darlington, SC with C340



Yesterday I made a trip to Darlington, SC from Clover, SC using my C340. Only have had my C340 three weeks and just had to play with it. Prior to this I have used a Lowrance handheld unit. (Bye - Bye Lowrance.) Was extremely pleased with the results. I have made the trip mumerous times and thought I knew all the "shortcuts". Found a few new shortcuts that worked very well. However, I think the best setting for cites/town is fastest and out of town shortest. The routes worked perfect, but some of the places I went through I think I needed a police escort.

Guess the bottom line is that I thought the Garmin did a fantastic job. Bought the C340 because of budget reasons (super sale price $199.00) and think the money was well spent.

Mark - Nuvi 265T NUVI 50LM