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On a recent trip the other day I was looking around on the Where to? page. I have a confession! After using my C340 for a couple of months, I did not realize that there was a second and third page in the Where to? file giving me Entertainment, Shopping, Recreation, Hospitals etc. I could have used these a number of times..........
Having these at my fingertips makes the Garmin even better than I thought it was.

It seems that every time I

It seems that every time I turn my garmin on I find something different to kep me ocuppied.


I was guilty too

I was guilty too when I first got my C330
"If all fails - read the directions" (err Manual)

BTW - just bought a C340 as a 2nd unit - C330 still
operating fine but the improved washout characteristics of the C340 screen (what a difference) and the TTS are well worth what I paid for it. (Less than 1/2 of what I paid for the C330 18 months ago).
Now off in 6 days on my 5500 trip thru 13 states.

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I learned years ago to search for stuff that wasn't obvious on my Garmins, especially with my 60c which had a lot of sub-menu's under other menu's.

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