Made my flight thanks to Garmin


My wife and I went to St Louis on Saturday to visit Harrah's. Its only 7 miles from the airport and I know the way, but I took my Garmin 340 just in case.

I love when it announces that I am arriving at Harrah's because Jill pronounces it as Hair-ass.

So when we were leaving on Sunday, there was a bad accident on the freeway with traffic backed up for miles. It was backed up past the entrance to Harrah's. So I selected detour and it took me in the opposite direction, through an industrial area and to a back way to the airport. Going over a couple of bridges, we could see the backup on the freeway and saw several ambulances heading toward the accident. Got to the airport, returned the car and made it to our gate half an hour before our flight. Without the Garmin, we would have been stuck in traffic and missed the flight, and the next few flights were sold out.

Thank you Garmin!

I plan to live forever. So far, so good.

That's great!

I never thought of bringing my GPS for routine travel (where I don't need it at the destination), or I end up packing it at the bottom of my carry on in my trunk when I know the directions. This is a good idea in case of emergency. Thanks!

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i'm a recent transplant to

i'm a recent transplant to Portland, OR, so even when I'm pretty sure I know my destination, I still bring along the nuvi 350.

Like yesterday, my girlfriend had to work at the downtown location for her job - on the way there, the bridge I usually take was closed for construction. Sure enough, the detour button came in handy.

I never leave home with out it.

I take it to work everyday. I used to select "work" from my favorites, now I just turn it on, and can monitor my speed. 5am around here isn't good for speeding. If I'm running late, I'll select work, to get the eta. If I need to detour, that's easy enough done.

I also use it for the traffic info. Although in some areas of the country it doesn't work well or in a lesser populated works well for me in dfw area.
I've been asked numerous times...hey, where is....I say "I don't know, but I can find out for ya"

I've even use it to look up a phone number for a place on the east coast. I left home without the number and needed to call and there was no way to get the number. I just did a search for that area, found the number, pressed dial and all was good.
I take it to the grocery store, home depot, even taco bell...ya never know.

So, I don't leave home without my gpsr.

........Garmin StreetPilot c550 / Nüvi 765...........

same here. I never leave

same here. I never leave home w/o my GPS even though I mostly drive on routine routes.

Plus, my gps double as a PDA (I have Garmin iQue M5). I don't know why Garmin discontinue the PDA line. What's a shame.

Made my life easier a few times, too

I really like getting a quality ETA even when I'm just around town where I clearly don't need the directions.

Emily also saved me from having an airport problem twice. Once was when I was running late for flight and left my home, part way to the airport, the road was closed due to an accident. With the help of Emily, it was easy to find the right path through the neighborhoods - most of which are curvy deadends. The alternative (without this knowledge) was to back-track about 10 minutes and then drive down the other side of the river to the next crossing - that wouldn't have made for a stress free trip to the airport!

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