Have a safe long weekend and don't forget to take your GPSr !!


Hi everyone,

Last week, we got some icy, snowy conditions in my neck of the woods, so I decided to drive my wife to the train instead of letting her do her usual walk. Thinking it was a short three minute ride and all, I neglected to even consider bringing my brand-spanking-new Nuvi 660. Boy was that a mistake. After I dropped her off, I wound up driving up a side street that I had never taken before (I just moved here a few months back) and, after I turned off, I got lost on a long, windy, slick narrow two-way street--it took three-times as long to get home as it should have. Lesson-learned: always take the GPSr with you no matter how short you think the trip will be. Ironically, when we first started using the Nuvi 660 a few weeks ago, my wife and I had observed that, unlike the StreetPilot 2620, the Nuvi 660 was portable enough to always take with you.

Everyone have a great long weekend and drive safe!!! And, don't forget to take the GPSr it with you!!!

Not poking fun...

But that is sort of a funny annecdote!

Chuck - Nuvi 200, Nuvi 255W

I can laugh about it now !!!

but I was definitely 'concerned' when I was going through it sad