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Redlight and Speed Camera bell warning and flashing band

What happened to the poi download of the bell warning and flashing band for redlight and speed cameras?

POI Factory Red Light Camera Alerts

I have a question having recently joined POI Factory.

I downloaded the trial version of red light camera alerts from Garmin for my Nuvi2495. It works great.

Michael J

Red Light and Speed Cameras in Canada

Are the files already under Red Light cameras also include locations in Canada as well? Or is that something we can start contributing?


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Red Light Camera Intersections with tricky pedestrian signals

The other day, I came across an RLC intersection. As I approach, the pedestrian signal turned and started counting down...5,4,3,2,1. I slowed down and stopped at the intersection. The light stayed GREEN, the pedestrian signal turned to "don't walk". After a slight wait, I continued on driving across the intersection. Luckily I was alone and no other cars were behind me.

Speed Cameras in St. Louis

Simply amazing admission by the STL Police Chief:
- Speed cameras exist to reaise money
- Placed where speed limits set atrifically low to entice you to speed.

Evidently okay to screw and violate the rights of those who can afford it. How about don't screw anyone!


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Will we see cameras that ticket for cell phone use while driving?

We all know that red light cameras are not exclusively for reducing accidents, the cameras provide a huge inflow of money.

Embedded Guardrail Radar Gun/Camera System

Reportedly installed somewhere along the 20-mile elevated stretch of I-10 that crosses the Atchafalaya River Basin between Lafayette and Baton Rouge, LA, a motion detector triggers the gun, which sends a photo of any offending vehicle to a waiting law enforcement vehicle about a mile ahead.


Speed camera torched near school in Howard County, MD

Hmmmm, High Schoolers speaking out, perhaps??


Baltimore COUNTY - Red Light & Speed Cameras

To Angela (et al) -

I know the info below is NOT in the standard full-format for new POI listings (e.g. Lat/Long coordinates, speed limits, etc). However, I thought I would all least post this to help get this addition started.

Below is the current (as of 9/12/2013) listing of both Red Light -and- Speed Cameras in Baltimore COUNTY.

Drivers, beware: D.C. to aim more cameras at traffic scofflaws

Over the next few months, District officials plan to more than double the number of traffic enforcement cameras on city streets — adding 132 units to their army of electronic eyes.

See story:


Any indication in POI files of camera's side of street?

Hi, I was wondering is there any indication in either the red light or speed camera POI files to tell which street the camera is on if it is at an intersection or give some sort of indication of direction of the street?


Red Light Camera Advocate Changes Mind, Now He Wants Them Abolished

Get a load of this headline and story.

Red Light Camera Advocate Changes Mind, Now He Wants Them Abolished

Published: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 at 2:56 p.m.

After spending the last few years tinkering with Florida's red light camera law to make the system more fair, state Sen. Jeff Brandes is giving up and calling for its abolishment.

POI Factory Red Light Camera Alerts

I downloaded a trial of Cyclops a few weeks ago just to see how it works with the Red Light Camera alerts. It warns with a beep, and a red bar with the impending distance to the camera. I was wondering what type of alert the POI file offers. Is it similar???

Michael J

Florida to make it very expensive to appeal a camera ticket

"If you fight a red-light ticket under Florida's new rules, be prepared to pay more.

Although changes in state law were designed partly to make it easier to challenge a ticket issued because of a red-light camera, the new rules also allow local governments to tack on costs for hearing an appeal: up to $250 per case.

Nassau County installing 50 new RLC

I just saw the first 2 the next round of 50 that NYS has approved in Nassau County.

I submitted them for review.

Does anyone know where to get the complete official list from the county?

FYI, I understand Suffolk county was also approved for more cameras.

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Nine New Red Light Cameras Go Live in Lakeland (Florida) on Sunday

Nine new red light cameras go live in Lakeland, Florida on Sunday. There will be 30 day grace period before fines are issued.


Here are the new locations:

1) Eastbound Memorial Boulevard at Massachusetts Avenue.

2) Westbound Memorial Boulevard at Massachusetts Avenue.

3) Northbound Harden Boulevard at Beacon Road.

Who are you to challenge Automation?

A veteran police officer is suing the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department after he was punished for blowing the whistle on corruption in the speed camera unit. Sergeant Mark Robinson has spent 23 years on the force, with five years of experience working on the automated traffic enforcement unit.

new member

Linden NJ is really pushing tickets out these days. Styles and Rout 1&9 I know several people who receintly received tickets for $140 surprised

New Speed Cameras in NYC

I've just seen a news report this Tues. 8/27/ 13 that the first 20 speed cameras will be installed starting Sept. 9th, in NY around the boroughs specifically around school locations. The fine will be $50.00

Michael J
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