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HI.. I have not been able to setup on my GPS the stuff you guys talk about regarding red light cameras.. Not sure this is the correct FORUM for this.. Please feel free to put in the correct forum. grin

This is info for whomever puts this info together..

New Red Light Camera laws in the state of Florida.

Four Red Light Cameras Turned On

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I don't buy the increased accidents theory

It may happen, but not as a general rule.

I went through a red light intersection yesterday, and the light turned yellow when I was in the intersection. Someone followed behind me.

It is impossible for me to get a ticket, as I see it. And I had no urge whatsoever to slam on my brakes, as I entered on green. Even if I entered on yellow, I would not touch my brakes.

Which POI Database do you use for safety cameras

I've been looking into trapster. as well as POI Directory and obviously POI Factory. Which do you use and why?

Now We Have Stop Sign Cameras!

It has arrived. A camera catching folks who don't make a complete stop at a STOP SIGN! See link:


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Redlight/Speedcams in Alberta

Hello everyone ... I am a newbie.

Is there anyone from Calgary Alberta here who helps out monitoring/editing redlight and speed cameras in Alberta?

Lakeland, Florida Adding 10 New Red Light Cameras

The brilliant powers that be in my hometown of Lakeland, Florida have decided to add 10 more new red light cameras in the city limits. Here's the first graphs of the story with the new locations from my newspaper I work for, The Ledger, and a link to the full story follows.

By John Chambliss
Published: Saturday, August 3, 2013 at 10:44 p.m.

The Joys of Living Near a Red Light Camera

This article has been on the news since yesterday:


I reported the camera three weeks ago and it is already in the database. The unintended consequences of these devices:

WEST BABYLON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A Long Island man is seeing red over a red light camera in front of his home.

I support the right to keep and arm bears.

Youngstown OH

Does anyone happen to know any details on the Youngstown OH plans to install speed cameras in school zones?

Red light Camera - right turn on red

A friend of mine recently received a red light camera ticket in Illinois, right turn on red. He watch the video of his right turn on red, he made a complete stop before the white line on the road, and then he continued with his right hand turn on red. Here’s the problem, he only stopped for 1.6 seconds at the turn on red light.

Tucson enforcement Cameras

This just in.

Critics of Tucson's traffic-enforcement cameras, for both red lights and speed, might get a chance to shut them down this fall.

Former state lawmaker John Kromko dropped off nearly 23,000 petition signatures Friday afternoon at the City Clerk's Office to place a measure banning traffic cameras on the November ballot.

$10 Million Red Light Camera Caught With Short Yellow

One of the most profitable red light camera intersections in Virginia Beach, Virginia has been pulling in millions based from faulty engineering.

Started seeing the Camera Vans throughout Scottsdale again

They disappeared for a while but they're back and I'm seeing more speed traps everywhere I drive. Thank God for that Passport radar!


Before & After data on a red light camera - Highland Park, Illinois

The Chicago Tribune has reported before-and-after data for a highway red light camera (US 41 at Park Avenue) operated by Redflex in Highland Park, an upscale suburb of Chicago. The data strongly suggest /shockface/ that the mayor of Highland Park is being disingenuous when she suggests the reason for red-light camera enforcement at this location is public safety, not revenue.

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Judge Orders Speed Cameras Confiscated

Looks like a judge has found the village of Elmwood Place, a small community in the Cincinnati area, in contempt of court and has ordered the speed cameras confiscated.


Chicago: Public Kept in Dark on Red Light Camera Bids

Secrecy in public meetings is nothing new for Chicago....

"Chicago's red-light camera program would cost taxpayers more and would rely on radar guns under one of seven bid proposals quietly under review by City Hall in its effort to replace the scandal-scarred company that holds the current contract.

New York City to Allow Speed Cameras

Note: Since this article was written last week, the New York Legislature voted successfully in the middle of the night Saturday to allow speed cameras in New York City...

Iowa City Passes What May Be Unique Traffic Surveillance Law

"Internet: As Yogi Berra would say, "Don't believe 90% of what you read, and verify the other half."

Washington DC Red light camera

How can I tell when red light and speed camera poi for Washington DC was last updated.
Thanks in advance.

Cleveland To Add 26 New Traffic Cameras

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