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POI Factory Red Light Camera Alerts

I downloaded a trial of Cyclops a few weeks ago just to see how it works with the Red Light Camera alerts. It warns with a beep, and a red bar with the impending distance to the camera. I was wondering what type of alert the POI file offers. Is it similar???

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Florida to make it very expensive to appeal a camera ticket

"If you fight a red-light ticket under Florida's new rules, be prepared to pay more.

Although changes in state law were designed partly to make it easier to challenge a ticket issued because of a red-light camera, the new rules also allow local governments to tack on costs for hearing an appeal: up to $250 per case.

Nassau County installing 50 new RLC

I just saw the first 2 the next round of 50 that NYS has approved in Nassau County.

I submitted them for review.

Does anyone know where to get the complete official list from the county?

FYI, I understand Suffolk county was also approved for more cameras.

Nuvi 2555, Edge 705

Nine New Red Light Cameras Go Live in Lakeland (Florida) on Sunday

Nine new red light cameras go live in Lakeland, Florida on Sunday. There will be 30 day grace period before fines are issued.


Here are the new locations:

1) Eastbound Memorial Boulevard at Massachusetts Avenue.

2) Westbound Memorial Boulevard at Massachusetts Avenue.

3) Northbound Harden Boulevard at Beacon Road.

Who are you to challenge Automation?

A veteran police officer is suing the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department after he was punished for blowing the whistle on corruption in the speed camera unit. Sergeant Mark Robinson has spent 23 years on the force, with five years of experience working on the automated traffic enforcement unit.

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Linden NJ is really pushing tickets out these days. Styles and Rout 1&9 I know several people who receintly received tickets for $140 surprised

New Speed Cameras in NYC

I've just seen a news report this Tues. 8/27/ 13 that the first 20 speed cameras will be installed starting Sept. 9th, in NY around the boroughs specifically around school locations. The fine will be $50.00

Michael J

I recommend to use our redlight and speed cameras.

I just notice that difference between Garmin Cyclops and our redlight/speed camera subscription. Check out this topic below.

Southern California Cities Further Reject Red Light Cameras

Embattled red light camera vendor Redflex Traffic Systems has lost another contract. The Escondido, California city council voted unanimously Wednesday to allow the Australian company's right to issue near $500 tickets expire on December 12, and ticketing will cease even sooner.

Variety of enforcement cameras

I found this article interesting. Not just that they indicate 132 new cameras are being installed, but the variety of new photo enforcement cameras in the DC area. To the best of my current knowledge, with 32 planned, they will have the lead in stop sign cameras.



RLC alert sounds

I downloaded the Garmin Cyclop's trial version, and I also downloaded the POI voice alert. Will the voice alert install and function on my GPS???

Michael J

Red Light in NJ

food for thought

I saw a major cluster f*** yesterday, basically a major highway was closed in both directions at a particular intersection. From google maps the closure was approximately 1.5 miles north of a major traffic jam.

I witnessed a police officer waving cars through, then holding out his hand and crossing randomly.

Study Evaluates Options For Increasing Red Light Camera Revenue

"A literature survey reveals that most municipalities implementing red light cameras are committed to private red light camera providers with certain revenue goals to financially sustain their red light camera programs," the study found.

Xerox picked for red light camera program in Chicago

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Looking for Garmin Cyclops Safety Camera Files

I looking for someone who have Garmin Cyclops safety camera files. I think I'm going to need it because my friend got ticket from highway speed camera. You know, we want to be safer.

UPDATE: For 2012 and newer models, Garmin no longer offers the Cyclops safety camera database for USA and Canada.

Clive Iowa shuts down RLC

What started out in Clive was them trying to negotiate a new contract with the vendor has turned into shutting the cameras off.
When and if they are turned back on is in the future.


HI.. I have not been able to setup on my GPS the stuff you guys talk about regarding red light cameras.. Not sure this is the correct FORUM for this.. Please feel free to put in the correct forum. grin

This is info for whomever puts this info together..

New Red Light Camera laws in the state of Florida.

Four Red Light Cameras Turned On

Thank You Happy & Safe Travels PJGMIG Nuvi 22598LMTHD

I don't buy the increased accidents theory

It may happen, but not as a general rule.

I went through a red light intersection yesterday, and the light turned yellow when I was in the intersection. Someone followed behind me.

It is impossible for me to get a ticket, as I see it. And I had no urge whatsoever to slam on my brakes, as I entered on green. Even if I entered on yellow, I would not touch my brakes.

Which POI Database do you use for safety cameras

I've been looking into trapster. as well as POI Directory and obviously POI Factory. Which do you use and why?

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