Ticket cameras


Hard to Put Red-Light Violations Under a Lens

The Wall Street Journal has published an article that looks at the question of red light cameras in a more balanced manner than many. Among the points they raise are:

WSJ wrote:

"As red-light cameras have proliferated around the U.S. over the past two decades to hundreds of cities and towns, there is one troubling detail: They don't always make traffic intersections safer."

"In order to be old and wise, one first must have been young and stupid."

Bill introduced in Arizona to ban all RLCs Statewide

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What, Postal Service says it’s immune from local traffic laws

"Internet: As Yogi Berra would say, "Don't believe 90% of what you read, and verify the other half."

52 new RLC in WPB, Florida

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Yellow timing lawsuit lost

Drivers lose their yellow-light lawsuit against Cary’s red-light cameras

Drivers had enough time to avoid running red light, judge says

"In order to be old and wise, one first must have been young and stupid."

Hillsborough/Polk County Camera Update (Deletion Needed)

I've noticed a camera listed in the Red Light Camera Intersection file ever since I joined this site. I was pretty sure there was not an active camera at this location (County Line Rd and Ewell Rd) and today I finally had a chance to inspect it for certain.

The intersection has no cameras and should be deleted from the camera file.

Jacksonville FL Red Light Cameras

Jacksonville Florida is starting to roll out red light cameras.

Official details are posted by the Sheriff's office at this page:


Installation of the first of 25 cameras is underway at Southside Blvd & Baymeadows Rd.

Cameras are also approved for these intersections:

Bexley, Ohio to add speed cameras

Read about it here: http://www.thisweeknews.com/content/stories/bexley/news/2012...

I like how the mayor claims it's not about revenue. The whole article is about how they need more money.

Speed Camera Firm Settles up in N.J.

Bidder for Chicago pact to pay $4M in refunds on dubious tickets

4.2 Million in partial refunds to be exact.


MD to scrap speed cameras


The teaser was that they were going to scrap the cameras.
You had to stay up and watch the news to find out they plan to replace them. WHAT A BUMMER !

Survey: Red-light cameras reduce wrecks (Florida)


There sure is a high rate of dismissal, though, when challenged.

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D.C. cop fights speed camera ticket, wants $1.8mil refunded.

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Looks Like More Cameras In Lakeland, Florida

Looks like we're gonna get more red light cameras in Lakeland, Florida.


Coming soon, yellow light cameras!

Nuvi 3790LMT, Nuvi 760 Lifetime map, Lifetime NavTraffic, Garmin E-Trex Legend Just because "Everyone" drives badly does not mean you have to.

High-Res Photos Coming to Arlington, TX Red-Light Cameras

The city is beginning to install new cameras that produce high-resolution pictures and 12-second video clips that further illustrate a possible violation, offer 24-hour video surveillance and can monitor up to 20 vehicles at once for more than 300 feet.


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Car hits Photo-enforcement van in Tucson

Just a short blurb, but someone crashed into a TPD photo-enforcement van this morning...


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Red Light & Speed Cameras

1. How do i get software for red light & speed camera alerts for my Tom Tom Start 55TM ?

2. Instructions on how to download & install into my Tom Tom Start 55TM preferable a video on YouTube

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