How do you post Icon files on this site?


When I bought my TomTom Start 55TM and started frequenting this web site I downloaded a bunch of POI files and added them to my GPS.

There are lots of very good icons for the files I downloaded but I thought I could improve on them or make different icons that were sharper.

I have a number of new icons that I created, some edited pixel by pixel, that I would like to add to the already available list of icons on this site. How do I get them added?

Thanks for the help!

Jim F.


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Emailed icons

I emailed icons to that address, we will see what happens.

Jim F.

New Icons

Do you have a list?

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Available @

A zip file of all the icons that I created or the individual icons are available at the following link:!436

My favorites are: Redbox, Bahama Breeze, Pita Pit, Radioshack, Staples, Subway, Wendy's, and Pizza Hut.

Here is the list:

Ace Hardware
Bahama Breeze
Best Buy
Big Lots
Burger King
Cici's Pizza
Cracker Barrel
Dairy Queen
Dollar General
Drive-in Theaters
Dunkin Donuts
Family Dollar
Golden Corral
Home Depot
Indian Restaurants
Office Depot
Office Max
Olive Garden
Panera Bread (not the greatest)
Papa Murphy's (not the greatest either)
Pita Pit
Pizza Hut
Popeyes Chicken
Radio Shack
Sonic Drive-in
Steak 'n Shake
Taco Bell

Jim F.

Fantastic Icons

You really did a nice job on all of the icons. I downloaded them all in the zip. I don't have an artistic bone in my body. It would be a long long long day before I could put out that many icons, and they would not have been as good.

After all that work on the icons, if you were going to be an avatar what would you be?


P.S. Your link didn't have an underline so I just copied it and pasted it in the address box.

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I'm not artistic either

It took a lot of time but it was a little each day. I would download POI and look for an icon that I liked. When I didn't find one I figured I would just make one.

I didn't create them fron scratch. I would find a jpg of the company logo or icon, convert it to a bmp, and then shrink it down to 24X24.

A lot of detail would be lost during the shrinking process. Sometimes the result would not even be recognizable. The detail of the jpg would be generalized to an average color in a single pixel. This created lots of shades of colors in the bmp. I simply would zoom in on the bmp and change the pixels with various shades of a color so they all had the same color.

Doing text was easy (like CVS, ACE, Kmart, Wal*Mart, etc) but shapes and complicated logos were more chalenging (like Family Dollar, Chipotle, Popeye's, etc).

The most fun part was trying to simplify the more complex larger jpg into a recognizable 24X24 bmp. A great example is Staples. The full name was just too wide to be recognizable as a bmp, to I took the most recognizable unique thing about it and simply used the L that looks like a staple. Redbox and Subway were similar. Subway was particularly challenging.

I'm glad you enjoy them.

I think because the link was secure (httpS)it wasn't recognized.

Jim F.

Icons Looks really good

Do you take suggestions?

Post it here...

Post your suggestion here, I'll see what I can do. Or send me a message.

Jim F.


I have some files that are already in bmp format I can put them in an attachment & send them to you. They just need clearing up & increasing in size or would you just like the names? If you want the attachment send me an email at & I will ship them off to you.


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White Castle

Added a White Castle icon to my sky drive page.!436

Jim F.

I have been working on new Icons..

I see I got someone else that can redo these Icons. I Havbe bee working on many of them and still not done. I ddi sumit many of them and know they can be improved since the new GPS came out. I will see what needs to be done and will try to do ones that were missed or ignored. THis can be a time comsuming prossess, As stated, you need to do this dot by dot to make it look good.

I will be happy to help in anyways also.

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