Keeping the Windmill Alive - Your last trip? - November 2012


In danger of losing your windmill?

Maybe you can share with us the last place your GPS took you and if you encountered any problems, or if you use it to seek out special places to go (like Thai Food, ice cream shoppes, etc.) Anything to keep your windmill alive.

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80 mile round trip

Thanks to POI contributors, we went to a non-chain BBQ for supper last night in Galesburg.

1490LMT 1450LMT 295w

We Went

We went to the backyard to untie the garbage cans from the tree so they wouldn't be blown away by Hurricane Sandy!!

Off to the Sheandoahs this weekend to a winery.


Back to the casino.

Hopefully I can avoid the snow in the mountains.

Garmin Drive 61, nuvi 2597MT, too many really.

Trip To:

Just across town. And I noticed Speed Cameras that were at each end of a school zone, and not near any traffic lights at all.

So I noted the street & cross streets, then found the Lat/Long, and then came to POI Factory and simply clicked on "Report Enforcement Camera Locations" in the Red Light Camera section.

My first submission. And it was easy! And now I have a new badge! It's nice to contribute to POI Factory.

Next trip...

Not my last trip but, instead, my next trip. Leaving Monday for a 15 day round trip cruise - San Francisco to Hawaii and back. We have cars rented on Hawaii, Oahu, Kauai, and Maui. We'll definitely be using "Jack" to get us around.

Whether we are driving mauka or makai, Jack will get us there wikiwiki. mrgreen

GPSMAP 76CSx - nüvi 760 - nüvi 200 - GPSMAP 78S


picked a nearby diners drive ins & dives option...

non-native nutmegger


to Philadelphia, PA


Went to visit friends in Lancaster, Pa


Travel was zero early in the week due to Sandy. Since then just some trips to work and back, and a few food shopping trips.

Chicago to Molene

Managed to avoid toll roads by using my trusty nuvi 760

Nuvi 2598 LMT Nuvi 3597 LMT

Hot - cold - hot

The weather can't make up it's mind, 27 degrees C, next day 9 degrees C, now back to 23 degrees C

Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present...

short trip

DC to Front Royal along US340 then down the Skyline to US211. Took that into Luray and had lunch at Uncle Buck's. From there over to US11 to Front Royal and then back home.

ɐ‾nsǝɹ Just one click away from the end of the Internet


Acadia National Park

When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is only difficult for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.

So sad....

didn't use the Nuvi this week at all. That's ok, it earned its keep with the last Texas trip smile

3,000 mile trip from Ontario, Canada to south of Puerto Vallarta

Just finished my trip a few days ago. I would like to say your US border people have to be trained gorillas. They wrecked a duffel bag, wrecked a pair of glasses, spilled medication pills and tore the top of another medicine bottle.

IS THERE anywhere to complain about this??????

I also had some "interesting" experiences with the 2013.20 version in my 855 and 3790 misdirecting me on a few occasions. I consider 2013.20 pure crap!

Leaving a more or less temperate 60 deg F and arriving to visit friends in Wichita, Ks in very cold temperatures right down to 27 deg, I was happy to leave and get on my way to warmer climes.

Diesel prices were from a high of $ 4.39 in Michigan to a very low $ 3.50 in Missouri for BIO Diesel. Averages seemed to be around $ 4.00 +- and Texas was generally the lowest price for fuel. Driving a Diesel car I have a 600+ mile range on a 16 gallon tank so I can chose where to fill up.

Well now I have 5 1/2 months to contemplate my return trip and hopefully Garmin's 2013.30 will be better.

Nuvi 2797LMT, DriveSmart 50 LMT-HD, Using Windows 10. DashCam A108C with GPS.

it's Monday

it's Monday, Hi again

Thanx BiLL Solomon

Short Trips

Looks like another week of short trips to and from work, election polling place, shopping, etc. At least gas prices have dropped a bit. No issues with Google nav app.

I lost my Windmill

No trips for me

Montana 650,62S,1450,Etrex Venture Hc


From Argyle, Tx for my greatgranddaughter's first bithday party.

I-35 had a lot of traffic because of the races in Ft Worth over the weekend.

3790LMT; 2595LMT; 3590LMT, 60LMTHD


rthibodaux wrote:

I-35 had a lot of traffic because of the races in Ft Worth over the weekend.

A great many fans were disguised as empty seats.

1490LMT 1450LMT 295w

Heading South

In a few weeks I will begain a 5 day drive from atlantic Canada to Florida. I will be using my garmin 1490 equipped with 2013.30 maps. Has anyone had any trouble with those maps while travelling on the eastern seaboard ?

Heading South

In a few weeks I will begain a 5 day drive from atlantic Canada to Florida. I will be using my garmin 1490 equipped with 2013.30 maps. Has anyone had any trouble with those maps while travelling on the easstern seaboard ?

other than the ususal

48man wrote:

In a few weeks I will begain a 5 day drive from atlantic Canada to Florida. I will be using my garmin 1490 equipped with 2013.30 maps. Has anyone had any trouble with those maps while travelling on the easstern seaboard ?

Other than the usual complaints about routing through rather than around cities, no.

Illiterate? Write for free help.

Made a loop through the

Made a loop through the state of Delaware

Nuvi traveling

I get to travel in most states, been in all 50, most of them several times, and my Nuvi 2595 has never let me down it getting me to where I need to be after landing

Last trip

Kansas City


Driving a maze

Had to fix an elevator at a Hindu temple today. You can see it from the interstate but you can't get to it without a nuvi.

From the interstate exit had to cross the interstate 3 times navigating multiple turns for the only way in and out to the temple.

Yep, the elevator is fixed and I found my way back out.

Harley BOOM GTS, Zumo 665, (2) Nuvi 765Ts, 1450LMT, 1350LM & others | 2019 Harley Ultra Limited Shrine - Peace Officer Dark Blue

Keeping the miles flowing and windmill going

I'm headed off to jonesboro tomorrow morning for a business trip.

Just local driving...

Just local driving...

Garmin c340, Nuvi 350, Nuvi 765T, Nuvi 2360LMT

Last GPS Trip

Tried out a new Habachi restaurant about 25 miles from the house with friends.

Nuvi 765T, Nuvi 2350LMT


Ft Lauderdale FL. Golf trip.

Bob: My toys: Nüvi 1390T, Droid X2, Nook Color (rooted), Motorola Xoom, Kindle 2, a Yo-Yo and a Slinky. Gotta have toys.

Election day!

I work as a volunteer for the local Registrar of Voters (in Santa Clara County). I'm responsible for the operation of a number of voting locations (called precincts, 11 yesterday).

I load favorites for all my precincts, plus other nearby precincts I may be called to, as well as other helpful things such as supply depots, return centers, and the like.

This is a big help! When I get a call, "Can you stop by precinct xxxx?" I can say, "Yes, should be there in 8 minutes."

On the other hand, that doesn't mean I can disconnect my brain -- I'm not going to try and get near an elementary school between 2:45 and 3:15! That's a total zoo!

Nuvi 2460, 680, DATUM Tymserve 2100, Trimble Thunderbolt, Ham radio, Macintosh, Linux, Windows

2500 miles through Cascade mountains

No big Interstate freeways, just US highways and State highways.


Picking up my significant other at the airport.

"Significant other" is an interesting term, since it sounds as though I'm the "insignificant other." But I suppose it's not as bad as "my better half," since that obviously means I'm the "worse half." grin

nüvi 750 & 760

Cascade mountains

Having moved out of Washington four years ago, I still miss the Cascades. crying

nüvi 750 & 760


Trip to the polls for the election

Co worker's house

I had to pick him up at his new place and though it was easy, I put his place in the GPS and let Karen guide me there the first time.

Drivesmart 66, Nuvi 2595LMT (Died), Nuvi 1490T (Died), Nuvi 260 (Died), GPSMAP 195

Just a local trip...

but the Nuvi made it easy!

Local trip

Checked out newly opened road.


Found location for early voting. Just now getting around to bragging. smile


Visited Philadelphia & in

Visited Philadelphia & in particular the Barnes, Rodin & Museum of Art. Fabulous weather. Superb directions from my Nuvi 1350.


Happy veterans day

Happy veterans day

Thanx BiLL Solomon

garmin 550 in Europe

Just returned from a 2 week Danube River cruise from Budapest to Nuremburg bus to Prague. I had pre-loaded maps from OpenStreetMaps and used them to find places in both Budapest & Prague.

In Prague at night, I managed to find the Kolkovna restaurant in Old Town - impressive.

A handheld GPS has become a valuable traveling companion.


Nuvi, Zumo or Oregon?

phlatlander, since you said "handheld" I assume you have an Oregon 550, not a nuvi 550 or zumo 550. I also have an Oregon 550 with the OSM US map. I really like the Oregon for hiking and geocaching, but have found it cumbersome for street navigation, POI search and address search. But glad to hear it worked well for you in Europe. How many hours did you get on the batteries before recharge/replacment?

Alan - Android Auto, DriveLuxe 51LMT-S, DriveLuxe 50LMTHD, Nuvi 3597LMTHD, Oregon 550T, Nuvi 855, Nuvi 755T, Lowrance Endura Sierra, Bosch Nyon

Sorry, missed adding it was an Oregon 550

I got about 8hrs using HO Eneloops. I learned (the hard way) to use the "least" map detail and then all was fine using city maps. On the way over I turned on the gps every couple of hours and held it against the window of the B777 so it had a chance to locate a new satellite pattern.

I had loaded a combination of gpx and photos with embedded Lat/Long (used a program called GeoSetter). Took many pictures so I could locate where we were. Not a great camera, just adequate, but geo-tagging makes it worthwhile.



To my grandson's dentist.

Nuvi 50LM Nuvi 2555LM

Just local

Just local driving

Garmin c340, Nuvi 350, Nuvi 765T, Nuvi 2360LMT

Updating POIs this week...

especially those red light cameras. Headed to Phoenix soon.


Hershey PA


My Mini is in the shop for an extended visit!

That means I'm driving around practically naked, that is, without all the usual electronics -- GPS, ham radio, radar detector, ECM pod.

The loaner I got is midlife-crisis RED, also known as pull-me-over-and-write-me-a-ticket RED. Miss the radar detector, and using the GPS to show an accurate speed.

And I'm still waiting to find out if the rework is covered under the extended warranty.

Nuvi 2460, 680, DATUM Tymserve 2100, Trimble Thunderbolt, Ham radio, Macintosh, Linux, Windows
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