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Just joined up, and am already a little confused about how this works exactly. Specifically, is posting to the forums absolutely required to be able to download the poi files and install them to my TND 720, or can I bypass that by becoming a paid subscriber? Obviously I'd prefer the latter ~ i.e. support the site and remove the posting requirement. Anyone care to respond? Thanks in advance.

Best, ~~MS

Welcome to the site.

Welcome to the site.No you are not required to post.You can download all the files anytime except for the Redlight and Speed cameras for free.Once you become a active member you can also get the camera files free see .If you want the camrea files now you can pay a small fee to get them.

This will show you what all the badges mean

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Welcome to The Factory.

All POI files other than the redlight and speed camera files can be downloaded and installed by anyone, even first-time visitors with no fees.

Redlight and speed camera POI files require either active user or general maintainer status or a paid subscription if you're in a hurry:

Shout if you need help with anything.