uploading pois


how do I create and upload pois to this site?

on the right

under logout there are two bulleted items, 2nd one is upload and share a csv file

nuvi 350

racqy nuvi 350


Welcome to the site rgag. There's some basic info on creating POI files in the faq / help section. I can also setup a project area that let's you build a file by entering coordinates into a web page.

This is also a good thread for me to add a couple reminders to everyone -- 1) If you haven't created the file yourself, make sure it's okay for you to repost at POI Factory. 2) Look over the other files and post a message about your project to help avoid duplicate files/effort.

Have Fun & Enjoy


POI -- Rest Areas

I have a Garmin 2720, but it doesn't list roadside rest areas. I saw that someone said they had some information on how/where to get that information to download into my Garmin. Can you help?

road side rest

Hello I also have a garmin 2720 and it does list road side rests just like service plazas etc. you have to go into your gamin and type in what you want where ever you are it will list the rest areas nearest you i just did mine a week ago coming back from another state and it work fine

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