Garmin Looking into nuvi's POI Linebreak Problem


The linebreak problem has been verified in both the nuvi 350 and nuvi 360. I don't know if other nuvi's have this problem.

I just wanted to report the response from Garmin's Tech Support. Here it is, quoted verbatim:
"I have been able to duplicate the issue so I have forward that on to the engineers. In the mean time I would recommend using the temporary solution that you found for your unit to use for the page breaks." (unquote)

I previously posted the 'temporary solution' at:

Garmin's use of 'temporary solution' is promising; at least it sounds like they will work on a 'permanent solution'."

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New user of the nuvi350

I have just purchased a nuvi350 is this a serious problem, and what exactly does it effect?

Linebreak Problem

I wouldn't consider it a serious problem. It affects the display of both the 'Name' and 'Comments' fields of the Custom POIs which you can download from different websites (this one is the best!).

If there is a linebreak imbedded in the comments field, it won't be displayed as a linebreak; it just breaks at the end of the line. It's similar to having all of the paragraphs on a page in a book run together and display as one paragraph. The linebreaks make for a cleaner looking, nicer formated display.

In the 'Name' field, this imbedded linebreak is displayed as a 'diamond' on the listing page, and not displayed at all in the POI Info page.

The Custom POIs can be modified to display the linebreaks correctly on the nuvi 350/360. I'm working on a program to do this for you; I'll make it available when I get it finished. I had hoped to have it done by now, but I had a delay of a couple days in the hospital.

Hope this helps.

"Internet: As Yogi Berra would say, "Don't believe 90% of what you read, and verify the other half."

Linebreak Problem

Just to add a comment, Nuvi 265W also require "BR" for line break inside "<>"