Problem with TourGuide in 1490


I have a 1490 and prior to the recent release of 3.40 upgrade I could readily create TourGuides following procedures outline here. Since the 3.40 upgrafde however, I can not create new ones. The ones I have on 1490 still work, but creating new ones eludes me. Using POI Loader 2.54 and Sox 14.3.0.

Anyone else having a similar problem? Has anyone created new TourGuides since 3.40 update.

I can't even get the manual proximity setting to work on a regular CSV file.


I think you need sox 14.0.1.

I think you need sox 14.0.1. Some of the newer versions don't work.

You can read more at Gary's site

or search FAQ / search this site.

Hope this helps.

Hawk - Nuvi 1450

File Changed

I have now changed to 14.0.1. Still same situations. Ones already in 1490 work, can't create new one.


I'm shooting in the dark,

I'm shooting in the dark, but here are some things you can check.
Do tourguide poi's show up in custom poi's?
Can you navigate (in simulation mode) to them.
Do you get audible alert when navigating / arriving?
Did you use manual mode and set proximity distance - 10000 ft?
Did proximity alerts get turned off in tools>proximity points?

Hope this helps - keep us posted.

Hawk - Nuvi 1450