2014 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL – Navigation POI Download Error


I have a 2011 Nisan Rouge SL and the navigation system downloads my POI’s successfully every time but the same 2 GB thumb drive does not work in my new 2014 Altima 2.5 SL. I get the following error:

The file size on the USB device is too large. My Points of Interest was not updated.

The 2014 Altima 2.5 SL Owner’s Manual says that the POI file size has an 8 MB limit. The total size of my POI files is 6.12 MB. I’m not sure why I would get the above error when my files are under the limit. My 2011 Rouge also has the same limits and POI format requirements so why does the thumb drive work with one but not the other?

I have also tried several drive formats:
• FAT = Recognized
• FAT32 = Recognized
• exFAT = NOT Recognized
• NTFS = NOT Recognized

The owner’s manual does not mention the drive format that should be used or if there is a drive size limit.

The thumb drive has the following folders:
• F:\myPOIs
• F:\myPOIs\myPOIwarnings
• F:\Music

The MP3 files in the music folder are recognized and play without issues. It does not matter if the music folder is there or not I still get the POI download error. I have also tried several different thumb drives with no luck.

The F:\myPOIs folder has 33 .csv files with the following name format:
• Subject - Name.csv (Also tried naming the file with no spaces or special characters)

The F:\myPOIs\myPOIwarnings folder has 2 .csv files:
• Redlight Cameras.csv
• Speed Cameras.csv

All .csv files are between 1 KB and 1 MB in size and the total size of all .csv files together is 6.12 MB. Each .csv file is formatted following the owner’s manual instructions.

Can anyone provide me with any information that is not in the owner’s manual?