Cheetah C-50 Red Light Detectors - Files very outdated


For the past few years, prior to switching to POI files on my Garmin, I had been using Cheetah Brand Model C-50 Red Light/Speed Detectors. Cheetah is currently still being sold on Amazon and other sites. Initially, these units were fairly accurate in identifying camera locations and nicely designed.
However, as of late, this company has fallen dramatically. Despite downloading the latest files, the unit continues to report old sites that have been taken down and fails miserably in reporting new sites. Its accuracy in Suffolk County, New York is now down to less than 50%.
I also experienced similar problems while in Florida.
If any of you are using this equipment, be aware.

Also, a shout out to Turtle and the staff for all their hard work. Excellent site, Thank You

Stay Safe Out There