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Rest Areas - POI (LG LN740 GPS)

I currently own an LG LN740.

I downloaded the above mentioned file and a get an error message that states that the POI is not available on the map of my GPS.

Do the POI's only come up once I enter the US as I live in Canada?

Thanks for the help.


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Kenwood KNA=G510

Has anyone ever tried the Kenwood KNA-G510. Any pros? cons?

Also has anyone tried adding a Garmin GTM-10 or GTM-12 to the unit to receive NavTraffic info? Is it a good upgrade?

Heard about Navigon?

I have noticed a few ads for Navigon GPS units the last few weeks. Lately they have stepped up their ads.

Their units work with the Clear Channel traffic service and most seem to include lifetime free traffic service. This is a new price point compared to Garmin and Magellan charging a subscription fee for traffic service.

newbe question about accessing poi file on pda running route 66.

I recently downloaded poi file for red light/speed camera locations.

I am new to GPS.

I have a pda running rte 66.

How do I access the poi file through rte 66?



Navigon 7100 Review

“There is always a solution; the only challenge is to find the best one”

V7 NAV730

Has anyone loaded additional POIs for this unit? If so what format should be used? Are there any comments regarding this GPS?

Delorme PN-20

New to the forum and looking for anyone else using the Delorme PN-20. I've had mine for a few months and really like it. It's got a few bugs, like all electronics products, but it's a great little device. Has anyone had the 1 mile range DOOQ sat map reboot problem? If you recognize the name, you have had the problem!



nextar x4b

Hi: Is anyone familiar with the nextar x4B (or any nextar gps)? this unit seems to have many features at a reasonable price ($282 amazon). One review gave it 5 stars. Good unit for the price or chinese junk ???


augie billitier I2,c330,660

how to upload poi files to a navigon 2100?

just got this the other day, and would like to add more poi to my navigon 2100. thank you kevin

Problems with a Brada GPS

Hello all,

I'm having issues with a GPS I just bought. There doesn't seem to be any new maps and it didn't come with any software. Has anyone else ever used a BRADA?


Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

I was looking at the Nokia N810 online and the price is about the same as some GPS only devices. It will be interesting to see if the GPS functionality is as robust as other GPS devices. My suspicions are that it will not have as many features as higher end GPSs, but it is interesting to see the convergence of GPS with other devices.


Have a Garmin But Looking at The Co-Pilot GPS

I am a trucker and have found a few problems which I have learned to overcome with my garmin and have been looking at the Co-Pilot GPS software for my laptop and am concidering it since it is geared more toward my industry and giving the garmin to my wife but has anyone used it or have any info on it so far all I have found out that it does have a problem with Vista which is what I run,any help in

AT&T Tilt / HTC Kaiser

Has anyone gotten their hands on one yet? Any opinions? My contract is up in January and I want to upgrade from WM2003 and square screen smile


Using POI with streets and trips

EDIT: after reading through the forums i found what I was looking for Thanks for the great site.

Hello Forum users,this is my first post here and I am new to gps.

I was wondering if there was a way to use these poi files in Microsoft streets and trips 2008

I thank you for any info you could give me.

TeleNav: Driving Directions by Phone

Interesting article re: GPS functions for cell phones. Business Week article here

New Phone/Pocket PC with GPS (AT&T Tilt)

AT&T has a new PDA/Phone that has GPS built in. Works with many different software including Google Earth and TeleNav.

I own the 8525 and used a bluetooth GPS receiver with no problems.


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Kenwood TM-D710A

upload to GPS devices

Is there software like Garmins POI loader that will easily allow you to install into MOI and other gps devices and to palm pilot devices???

Navigon 5100 and 7100

Looking for info on these models as to whether or not they can handle custom poi's.. JM I have searched in vain and I am very interested in buying one of these models but I want to add my own poi's. Could you find out if this is possible on these gps's??


Garmin Streetpilot i3, Streetpilot C580 and Nuvi 265WT

GPS Side by side comparison

I found this test this guy did the other day and thought I would share it here. It's a test of day and night views of several brand/models of GPS units. Thought it would make for a good discussion for those thinking of purchasing a different GPS unit


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