Mio C720


I have a Mio C720 and it resets/reboots by itself nearly once an hour. Then it takes 2-6 min to open the map program from the main menu.

Anyone have the same issue?


Not same issue but maybe it will work

I have a c720t and it was not reset/reboot but was taking 2 to 4 min to recalculate a route. i was told by mio to reinstall the mio map software from the disk that came with the unit. that seems to have fixed the issue.


listen to this gps users, i bought the mio c720t and the problem i have is when you input an address like 45 brown st it comes up 45 brown st but, when you save it , it then comes like 47 brown st. mio is aware of this problem and told me we shall soon have a fix for this ,, now how's that for a problem