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Has anyone loaded additional POIs for this unit? If so what format should be used? Are there any comments regarding this GPS?

Evin wrote: Has anyone

Evin wrote:

Has anyone loaded additional POIs for this unit? If so what format should be used? Are there any comments regarding this GPS?

No I haven't tried it yet but heard that the navigation software is the iGo software so will probably need to convert it for use with that software.

How do you like your nav730? I just got mine and haven't opened it yet and was wondering if its any good.

V7 NAV730

I'm looking for the POI format for the NAV730 as well, if anyone knows, please let us know.

I found file "IGO.DB" in the SD card and opened it using IGO POI Explorer and the file include entries in the favorites only. I was able to update IGO.DB with some POIs but they are not in separated categories. Help if anyone knows where the POI file is.

Anish, So far I like this unit. For the price I think its good. I like the TTS feature and its fast mapping. I compared it to my friend's Garmin and the NAV730 unit says the directions a few seconds faster than his Garmin (cant remember the model). Just need to play around some more with the navigation keys.

Yeah, I opened mine and like

Yeah, I opened mine and like it but like you I haven't been able to figure out anything other than the fact that the iGo stuff is similar to the Mio hacks but simpler in terms of we just have to learn to modify the SD card.

V7 NAV730 charger problems?

Bought 2 of these for my family for Christmas. The units are very nice BUT the car power-adapters each blew fuses in separate cars and now one GPS device gets HOT when charging thru the USB computer port.

Newegg will replace both but WHAT A PAIN! Worried the next two units will do the same.

Anybody else have problems with these or is it just a statistical fluke.
(the car chargers are not made by V7 but by a China company called Semdicar)

I've got 4 and haven't had

I've got 4 and haven't had the over heating or blown fuses problems.

I've been using iGO POI explorer http://inetcom.hu/mick/igo/ to add large numbers of POI and Favorites. Works great.

You can usually find speed and light camera locations from either your local LEO or News media website.
I use an Excel macro by AMESDP http://rapidshare.com/files/41169495/SpeedcamUpdates_0.99.zi...
to create my own .spud (speed/light camera) files. I feel more confident when I do my own research on camera locations.
Most of the generic db's don't contain the small towns between the big cities.

FYI, I had V7 tech support confirm you can't enter addresses directly into Favorites list. All POI / Favorites locations must originate as proximity clicks on the maps.

KNSGEM wifi mapping made easy. http://www.rjpi.com/knsgem.htm

Hmm... Thanks for the Excel

Hmm... Thanks for the Excel macro! Unfortunately I can't seem to get the iGO POI explorer to work for me (it keeps crashing) even though I do have .Net framework installed.

I've got 4 and haven't had

scruge wrote:

"I've got 4 and haven't had the over heating or blown fuses problems...."

Scruge, thanks for the report about not having problems; gives me hope the next two won't have any either.

BTW, I also emailed Tech Support at V7 about my problem w/ the chargers, but haven't received any reply.

Have a Great '08!


I talked to tech support yesterday and they indicated that the additional POIs that are in the MAPS will be able to download on their website sometime in March. I'm having my system reboot on me "Fatal Error" is anyone else having this problem. Tech support did say that they would provide another one.

No, I'm not having any

No, I'm not having any problems with my unit other than the sound issue where it seems to get stuck for a few seconds and sometimes repeats a word in the middle.

Car chargers shorted-out .........AGAIN

So I received 2 BRAND NEW replacement GPS units with accessories from Newegg (very nice to deal with and very efficient) and had my son & daughter test the chargers in their cars again and ....you already know what happened.

My MIO's charger does not short-out in their cars, but these V7's subcontracted chargers did a second time. (See my post above).The V7 tech reply was that they were not aware of a problem.

This is BAD JUJU!! MON!

I did buy 2 third party chargers in anticipation of this and they also work OK like the MIO's.

Statistically it would seem there are a lot more than these Four Crappy Chargers that have been bundled w/ the 730's.


POIs from Nav740 work great!

I love my Nav730 that I bought at Fry's for only $99. If I had to complain, it would be that the POI database is really limited. I learned at another website that the internal software is based on iGo, so I discovered how to add POI's in the iGO.db file using iGo POI explorer. However, all the added POI's ended up getting lumped in the Favorites category. So it turns out the other categories are imbedded in the map files and I didn't know how to edit those files.

So, I looked at a Nav740 which comes with a lot more POI's right out of the box. When I look at the SD card, it seems to be using the same software and file structure. So, I 'borrowed' the map files from the Nav740 and copied them onto a new 2GB SD card and installed it in my Nav730. Voila! I have all the POI's from the Nav740.

My only other complaint about the Nav730 is that it runs into an error from time to time and reboots itself. But I'm not surprised... it uses Windows CE so it's probably a Microsoft problem.

Fortunately, so far, I've never had my charger blow fuses like another poster here is experiencing.

Nav730 software updates and map files

V7 has a new website with files to download for updating your Nav730. Go to: http://v7support.com/V7GPS/Updates

You can actually download the "premium" map files from the Nav740 section, which has 11M POI's, and install them on a Nav730. Copy all the files from the original SD card to a larger SD card (2GB or more), and then replace all the files in the "iGO\maps" folder with the Nav740 ".fbl" files. You'll get a lot of categorized POI's -- pretty much everything I needed!

Appreciate the info guys,

Appreciate the info guys, 11Million POI's are now on my 730. Can't wait to try it out for real

Premium map files w/11million POI's available for download

Looks like V7 wants us to update the NAV730 with NAV740 map files to get the additional POI's. They have now copied those files into the NAV730 folder at their support website as 'Premium' map files and are available to anyone for download.

You'll need a larger SD card (2GB) but otherwise just copy the original SD card and and substitute these premium map files onto the SD card.


Hello i'm wondering, why i

Hello i'm wondering, why i can't get gein the website? it saids "Forbidden
You don't have permission to access /V7GPS/Updates/USA/Nav730/ on this server."
when i try to go to the page. it says that. can any one upload the files for me? or tell me how to get in the wbesite? Thanks sooooooooo much

Peter, here is the new link,

Peter, here is the new link, they just moved it to a different location:

HELP: updates disappeared??? edited:no just not up always

Anyone have a Working link to update the maps?
The one above doesn't work anymore. A few days ago I thought I was able to get there but I didn't download any files.

Edited: They seem to be sporadically up, then down.
Looks like they're just modifying the site and getting the kinks out.

NAV700 updates

I have the Nav700. Do you think with the addition of a 2gb SD card I could download the Nav740 maps and run them on the 700? Im a total n00b on these GPS units as this is my first! Thank you for all the helpful info here to get started!!

NAV700 updates

" have the Nav700. Do you think with the addition of a 2gb SD card I could download the Nav740 maps and run them on the 700?"

Easy way to tell is download one of 740-maps (use a small one for testing) & replace the OLD map on your existing card with the NEWly downloaded one. Save the OLD map to another drive first.

If you need more room for the test, just copy some of the existing maps on the card to a hard drive to make room.

You will be able to tell easily if it works or not. If it doesn't just put your OLD map(s) back on the card.

If it works....go get your 2GB card.

Have anyone tried the video

Have anyone tried the video player feature?

Would you to hear your comment: pros and cons.

Good websites