Nokia N810 is it worth as a GPS?


Hi all,

I'm contemplating buying a new gadget... Nokia N810.
Has anyone had any experience with it?
I'll be very grateful for any kind of feedback!


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I don't have an n810 but I do have an n800 (previous model). I choose it despite the lack of a keyboard or built in GPS because it has two full sized SD (supports SDHC) card slots compared to the n810 which only has a micro (or is it mini) SD card support. If I want GPS support I have to use a bluetooth GPS.

But I am a member of InternetTabletTalk where you can find lots of users of the Nokia Internet Tablets. The GPS in the n810 is a little slow in acquiring a signal however, with the recent Diablo upgrade + AGPS support it is alot faster. However your options of map programs are limited. (both the n810 and n800 use the same OS).

Right now the three major ones that I use are maemo mapper (can use Google, Yahoo, Microsoft). But routing needs some sort of internet connection. Or you'd need to pair it with your phone so it can browse the web through your phone. This allows it to download and save the route (you only need the internet to download new routes). This, however does not let you reroute on the fly. You also have to download the maps (quite complex and time consuming).

Then there is the map program from Navicore. The maps itself and the program is free. Navigation is not (you have to pay for it). But when you do it does support offline routing and rerouting. The maps can get slightly outdated though (the benefit of using Maemo Mapper is that whenever a map is updated in any of those major companies' you get the update as well). This comes with the tablet. You can also add POI if you desire.

There is roadmap which uses the Tiger maps published by the US government, as well as OpenStreet maps. It doesn't support POI that well but it's great if your just trying to figure out where to go. The current version does not support offline routing (uses the same GPX routing files that Maemo Mapper can download by using Google). Though it's planned for future versions.

Then you have the smaller projects like trying to get Garmin's software (or something like that) to run on it. Which is making some progress. Most of these, if not all are free. However, they require some installation on the user's part (not the Map program, it comes built with).

The internet tablets are more for a general computer then anything else. It doesn't really exceed in any category. For example, you can put music on there and use the variety of media programs. But a dedicated music player like an iPod would be better then it. Likewise for use as a GPS or anything else a dedicated GPS will probably beat it out anyday.

But since I generally don't need dedicated devices (I use a cell phone when I have to make calls, a GPS when I have to use a GPS), etc.. I use the n800 as a mobile device. Listen to music, watch videos, browse the web. Use the mapping programs when I'm lost or near an internet connection (you can browse the maps you've downloaded all you want, you just won't have routing capability.. though with a GPS you would see yourself moving closer or farther to say a POI).

Hope that helps!

Thanks very much...

... for the detailed information! You rock!

The only things you regret in life are the chances you never take.

Nice gadget!!

I got Nokia n810 as my birthday gift. I was impressed when I just looked at it. This is a cool phone with metal & glass in a small footprint. It is kind of mini laptop with almost all applications such as e-books reading, video viewing, Skype and remote desktop application. The main cons is that its not so smooth software wise. Overall it’s a device with which you feel that you are never done with experiencing how much you can do.

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