does garmin provide red light info even if you don't subscribe?


On two occasions, my gps had a proximity alert and a strange red icon. It seemed like there were two alerts happening, from the red light file here, and from Garmin.

looks like it does

I'm in LA, and the thing is alerting twice with the POI file as it always does, and once with I take it to be Garmin's red light alert because there is my traffic light icon and a red square icon that looks like sponge bob as well, at every red light. Actually, the sponge bob thing came up several times when the regular one did not, and I'd look up and see a photo enforced sign. Crazy. I'm not that into it, but I'd like to take the POI file out and see how it works.


Some Garmin units had included trial version of red light cameras from Garmin. After trial expired you have to pay for update to get updated data. If you don't buy subscription you can still use old file.

Personally I found this Garmin version somehow useless. Never bought updated from Garmin because their updates were much slower and not as accurate as those from poi factory.

I agreed...

Yup, go with POI Factory is much more accurate than Garmin.

how to remove

My question is where is the Garmin file and how would I remove it? My friends here in LA said if you get a ticket people are saying to throw it away, no need to pay it. Problem is I'm on business and have a rental, and the rental pays and bills you without a bat of an eyelash. Those automated tolls in Dallas were billed to my CC in a matter of 6 days after I returned the car. Isn't technology amazing?

For speed camera in Taiwan,

For speed camera in Taiwan, the location file is sit in the POI folder with the name SpeedCamera.gpi

I think it's a bad idea to ignore the ticket.

Double Trouble ;-)

cecilyen wrote:

For speed camera in Taiwan, the location file is sit in the POI folder with the name SpeedCamera.gpi


I had to blink twice when I saw TWO keywords 'speed' and 'camera' being used in the file name. I guess if it doesn't sound using the first, it will sound using the second. Maybe sound twice???? Maybe one is for driving in Taiwan and the other is for driving an older car in Formosa. wink

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Use POI factory better than Garmin.

You are right, use POI factory better than Garmin.

I definitely can attest to

I definitely can attest to Miss POI taking care of the red light camera issue for so many year.
Thank You Miss POI

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So far

I downloaded the Poi factory's rlc files and so far the alerts seems to work for the most part here in the Los angeles/Long Beach etc. areas. On a couple of occasions I did have what appeared to be "false alerts" (had to shut down & restart to get rid of those alerts), given there were no known rlc's in those other areas.
However when I drove by those same areas repeatedly on different days the alerts didn't re-occur.

I never was able to get the Garmin alerts which I had on trial, to work,


One thing about the Garmin alerts is that they seem to be directional - I don't get alerts from the 2460's Garmin-supplied file when I am travelling in the opposite direction or at right angles to the one in which the camera is facing. I am also not warned if I am on a highway with a service road on which may have an RLC on it.

THAT is something I'd like to be able to get from the POI-Factory files . . . . .

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Not happy w/ Garmin

I subscribed to the Garmin Cyclops after I got a camera speeding ticket in the mail. It's not all that impressive. First off the alert is only about 1/10 mile warning if it works at all. On one light in my area it goes off in one direction but not in the other, and both directions are covered by a red light cam. The 1/10 mile warning is too close and is not customizable. I'm going to use it for the year, but in the future I think I'll go with the POI-Factory's solution.


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If you have noticed errors you should report them.

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