Trading One Problem for Another


The connection between the power/traffic cord and the cradle on my nuvi 765t started acting up on my last road trip to the point where (more than once) the unit lost power without my realizing it until I received the "Low Battery" warning.

I bought a replacement cradle, and while that seems to have eliminated the power issue, the new problem is that whenever the unit gives directions, a high-pitched whistle accompanies the audio. It almost sounds like feedback in a public address system. I tried adjusting all of the volume settings without any luck. Finally, I disconnected the power cable and the whistle was still there, which leads me to the conclusion that the new cradle is the culprit.

Has anyone run across this, and is there a way around this short of returning the cradle and trying again?

return it?

The obvious suggestion is to return the cradle as defective to where you bought it. You don't state if the cradle was from Garmin or a knock-off. There have been several reports in past messages on this site about Garmin shipping replacement holders and cradles at no cost.

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The cradle was described as Garmin OEM, and while I probably wouldn't be able to tell an OEM part from a knock-off, the seller has excellent feedback and by all accounts appears reputable.

Returning the cradle is the plan, but I figured I'd take a shot in the dark in an attempt to avoid running solely on battery for a week or more.

I hadn't considered contacting Garmin, as my unit is out of warranty, but I suppose it can't hurt.

OEM parts

OEM parts I believe have the part number stamped on them just like the original you received with the unit.

I know your cradle is the same as the one on my 885, but I don't have the unit here to verify what identifiers are on the unit.

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Will check

I don't have the original with me but will compare them closely when I get a chance. Thank you for the insight and wisdom, Box Car!

Just to clarify ...

Box Car wrote:

I know your cradle is the same as the one on my 885, but I don't have the unit here to verify what identifiers are on the unit.

The 7x5 and 8x5 cradles are not the same. The power cord connector works on both cradles, but you can't mount a 7x5 in an 8x5 cradle.

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thank you

for the clarification. I based my statement on the power connector.

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I think it is the cradle

My in-law friend got the same problem. He got it replaced awhile ago and it is all good now.


I did not see a part number on either cradle, and I couldn't discern a difference between the two pieces. The seller has agreed to exchange for a new one.

Thank you for the insight, dtran1...that is helpful to know!