police stations


i just bought my third gps unit.
all three from different mfg.
all have the same local police listed as a police dept.
30 miles away, none listed for any in my county.
does anyone know how come???

Database is incomplete

You are not alone, the city where I live does not display the local PD and oddly lists one in a smaller town 40 miles away!

NAVTEQ is the provider for the data included with the Garmin units and possibly others. This question has come up before and is likely to be an omission, and many might consider an important omission on the part of the vendor.


Some have reported mixed results with sending reports into NAVTEQ, but I am unaware of a better solution.

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Has my PD

My 265wt has my local PD, one neighboring town but not the other. Could be a population thing.

I'm Lazy!!

If I need the police, I just call 911!! mrgreen But lucky for me, the Police/Fire/City Hall are all in one building, 5 blocks north of me. wink

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