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Creating POI files



I deleted the original POI file from my garmin. It was in the Garmin POI file on my 550. I had a Garmin 660 stolen and replaced it with a 550. I use a Mac and it was TOO easy to do. My mistake. The 550 will not load without it. It just shuts down. Can some one email me the original poi, which is in the POI folder on the garmin 550…PLEASE?

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Setting a POI " Alarm "

I would like to set my Garmin c340 to " Alert "
at a certain place every time I get at least 1800
feet near it. It would be nice to have the red bar
at the top just like a Speed Zone or Redlight Cam.
Is there a way I can do this....



Creating POI Files

I am new to this GPS stuff and want to make some POI files to share. What is the best software to use to
make POI files?

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Still Leaning Google Earth!

I'm still learning to use Google earth and understanding Lat and Lon points. Can you shed some light on the best way to approach google earth.

The project I'm working on now is creating a POI on Zoos in the USA.


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How do you make a gpx file

I use mapsource and can save only in MPS and GDP format? I want to make my own poi files but don't know how to do that? Can some one please tell me? I am very excited about this site.


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P.O.I. (converting from Streets and Trips)

I have built a file with all the canadian WalMarts to be used with MS Streets and trips and it is working.

Now I am trying to built one to be used with my Garmin Street pilot 2720

I have built a partial file to test on my Garmin as folled

Longitude, Latitude, "Address" and seved it as a c.s.v. file, when I tries to download with POI loader the message reads, not a valid file.

Converting .csv to .ov2 for tomtom

I have both a TomTom 910 and the Nuvi 360, which my wife uses. I have been able to convert some files to .ov2, but sometimes I get an error telling me that there are some features that cannot be used, and POIEdit asks me to choose a type of conversion, which no choice seems to work. Any ideas what these "features" are and how to fix this?

death valley poi

I saved the death valley poi to a file on my desktop. When I open garmins poi downloader I get to the screen for browsing for file. I open the folder and the death valley csv file isn't there. I'm sorry to ask but what am I doing wrong?

Garmin POI Limitations (only shows about 50 locations)


Maybe I am doing something wrong but I downloaded (Yes I know)a CSV of over 238 LH's for different states. When I uploaded the LH list to my Gamin then go to view it, it only shows 52 POI addresses in that file.

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Newby and POI contributions

Want to contribute - so where do I find instructions for creating POI files ?

garmin nuvi and poi

when i go to the custom poi option in my garmin it simply lists all my poi's. Is there a way to have them grouped by directory...presidential libraries, dogparks, etc...

Making Custom POI Line Breaks Work with nuvi 350

At this time no forced line breaks are displayed in the POI’s comments column when using the nuvi 350. I figured out a workaround until Garmin fixes this issue …. modifying the POI file by changing the ‘ASCII Control Character for Linefeed’ to ‘HTML’s Tag for Linebreak’. Here’s a step-by-step procedure to do this using Excel 2002 (Other versions should be similar.).

Open the POI.csv file with Excel, then follow these directions:
1. Verify the NUM LOCK light on the keyboard is on.
2. Select column D by clicking on the column D header until the column is highlighted.
3. Click on the EDIT menu and click REPLACE
4. Click on the REPLACE tab.
5. Verify the cursor is in the FIND WHAT: window. Do not click in this window, it may change the ‘find’ parameters. If the cursor is not in the FIND WHAT window, restart Excel.
6. Here’s the trick. (NOTE: Nothing will be displayed in the FIND WHAT window when performing this step, but the ASCII code will be entered.) Hold the ALT key down while typing 010 using the numerical keyboard (must use the numerical keypad). Then release the ALT key.
7. Click in the REPLACE WITH window and type these four characters exactly like this: <br>
9. Click OK, then CLOSE
10. Now save it any way you prefer. I saved mine with an underscore in front on the name so I could preserve the original file. i.e. _PoiName.csv)

I wrote a small Excel macro to do this with a push of a Hot Key. If anyone is interested in this, I’ll post the code.

It would be interesting to know if the nuvi 360 and nuvi 660 have this same line break problem.

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Nuvi 360 Redlight file works sometimes

I have set up a redlight POI in my Nuvi 360 but have just discovered that it only works under the correct route.

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Nuvi POI

New to GPS and to forum. Got Nuvi 660 for Christmas and would like to load POI's to SD card. I can d/load POI to Nuvi hard drive and it works great. However when I d/load to SD card and touch favorites it does not see POI's. Is this a case of "user malfunction" or is there a problem w/Nuvi? What am I doing wrong?

Garmin Nuvi 660

How to? Line Breaks, New line, Line Feed

How do I create a newline with a POI file saved as a CSV. I have tried several methods mentioned here, and also used the example in the POI loader help file but have not had any success. Can someone please post an example, or show me a file here that has the line breaks in it?


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POIs on StreetPilot III

Is there anyway of downloading POI's to a Garmin StreetPilot III?????????????

Getting the phone number to work?

I am new to this effort but I am working to create a POI of mill and staff locations for my company. using Excel, I use the Presidential Library file as a seed to attempt to get the formatting correct how ever it hasn’t worked very well. Finally I managed to bend the format to work in my GPS and am busy updating it now.

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Back to Starbucks

Greetings all,

We are totally new to this stuff, but thought it might help us (and now others) if we track and mark sites we find mainly in, but not restricted to Texas.

I am still to download and add my first file, as connecting my Garmin to the confuser is a scarey thing for me. I have deleted and destroyed so many things unintentionally. However that should be resolved today. Im hoping I find a way to log and then rate or discribe each POI ("haunted sites") as we visit them.

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POI Question

Is there a way i can add new POI's or basically update already current folders in my Garmin 350. Say that i found a gas station thats not in the fuel portion of my garmin, is there a way i can add it to that folder? If i ad it to my POI's then i would have to remember that to look there all the time and it would be so much easier and quicker if it was in the Fuel Folder.

Any help?


Wish List

How about we start a discussion on wish lists of POI's to be created? I know there are many out there that have GREAT ideas, but little time or know how to create. If we team up, we all benifit. Your thoughts?

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