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Creating POI files


Creating POI's with google earth,poi edit, and garmin poi loader

Ok i appolgize if this has been posted before but i am new to the portable GPS and am trying to create my own pois. I first searched google earth found what I wanted and saved as kml file. when I opened the file in POI edit all was left was the name and x/y co-or. I would like to still have the Address and phone numer in my poi's without having to manually edit each one. is this possible?

Garmin Nuvi 360 V8

Uploading GPX Files

Based on the suggestion from jamos, I've changed the POI file upload to allow GPX or CSV files. Garmin POI Loader is able to read either format, and GPX is the preferred format for many other GPS brands.

How to create extended .gpx files to include dialable phone numbers for you garmin

This is useful for garmins that have dialing capabilities. I personally own the c550.

Need Wisconsin Input!!

Come on you fellow "Wisconsinites", someone out there create more POI for the rest of us! I wish I had the know how!


POI map icon problem

I purchased a Nuvi 660 in November of 06 and another one this week. I downloaded my POI file (originally compiled from a Magellan Meridian Color) from Expert GPS into each unit as soon as I got them but the new one does not show the blue flag icon for each POI on the map. I can pull a POI up and navigate to it otherwise but can't see it on the map.


why poiloader can not see the files on my computer

hello world


I am new to task of creating POI files. How do I convert degrees,minutes,seconds to decimal degrees?

Garmin Looking into nuvi's POI Linebreak Problem

The linebreak problem has been verified in both the nuvi 350 and nuvi 360. I don't know if other nuvi's have this problem.

I just wanted to report the response from Garmin's Tech Support. Here it is, quoted verbatim:
"I have been able to duplicate the issue so I have forward that on to the engineers. In the mean time I would recommend using the temporary solution that you found for your unit to use for the page breaks." (unquote)

I previously posted the 'temporary solution' at:

Garmin's use of 'temporary solution' is promising; at least it sounds like they will work on a 'permanent solution'."

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Can you create a Guide book?

I was reading some of the other posts and someone suggested a site for tour guides:

Do we have the programs or instructions for how to create a tour guide for a particular city? I have all my fav places in San Diego, and I'd love to make a file with all my fav things to eat and do in the city.

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I deleted the original POI file from my garmin. It was in the Garmin POI file on my 550. I had a Garmin 660 stolen and replaced it with a 550. I use a Mac and it was TOO easy to do. My mistake. The 550 will not load without it. It just shuts down. Can some one email me the original poi, which is in the POI folder on the garmin 550…PLEASE?

Ham radio Operator W9WOW. Using Garmin Streetpilot C550. Mac G5 Duo with Mac OS 10.4.10

Setting a POI " Alarm "

I would like to set my Garmin c340 to " Alert "
at a certain place every time I get at least 1800
feet near it. It would be nice to have the red bar
at the top just like a Speed Zone or Redlight Cam.
Is there a way I can do this....



Creating POI Files

I am new to this GPS stuff and want to make some POI files to share. What is the best software to use to
make POI files?

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Still Leaning Google Earth!

I'm still learning to use Google earth and understanding Lat and Lon points. Can you shed some light on the best way to approach google earth.

The project I'm working on now is creating a POI on Zoos in the USA.


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How do you make a gpx file

I use mapsource and can save only in MPS and GDP format? I want to make my own poi files but don't know how to do that? Can some one please tell me? I am very excited about this site.


Garmin C550 Garmin 2730 Garmin C340

P.O.I. (converting from Streets and Trips)

I have built a file with all the canadian WalMarts to be used with MS Streets and trips and it is working.

Now I am trying to built one to be used with my Garmin Street pilot 2720

I have built a partial file to test on my Garmin as folled

Longitude, Latitude, "Address" and seved it as a c.s.v. file, when I tries to download with POI loader the message reads, not a valid file.

Converting .csv to .ov2 for tomtom

I have both a TomTom 910 and the Nuvi 360, which my wife uses. I have been able to convert some files to .ov2, but sometimes I get an error telling me that there are some features that cannot be used, and POIEdit asks me to choose a type of conversion, which no choice seems to work. Any ideas what these "features" are and how to fix this?

death valley poi

I saved the death valley poi to a file on my desktop. When I open garmins poi downloader I get to the screen for browsing for file. I open the folder and the death valley csv file isn't there. I'm sorry to ask but what am I doing wrong?

Garmin POI Limitations (only shows about 50 locations)


Maybe I am doing something wrong but I downloaded (Yes I know)a CSV of over 238 LH's for different states. When I uploaded the LH list to my Gamin then go to view it, it only shows 52 POI addresses in that file.

Garmin Nuvi 3597, Garmin StreetPilot 2720, Garmin 76CSx (Hand Held), Iphone 4S (Motion-X)

Newby and POI contributions

Want to contribute - so where do I find instructions for creating POI files ?

garmin nuvi and poi

when i go to the custom poi option in my garmin it simply lists all my poi's. Is there a way to have them grouped by directory...presidential libraries, dogparks, etc...

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