Creating POI files


Technical diagnosing of a POI issue?

So the guys on the NZ Open GPS Project have been trying to get a map with all of the street names set as POIs to load and be searchable on the Zumo. For some reason, it isn't working.

The format that they are using is like this:

Label=Marine View, Orewa, Rodney
Street Address=Marine View

New POI File Verifier v1.0.0.5

I posted a new version of 'POI File Verifier', v1.0.0.5. It’s still a free download at:

The main changes are:
●A pop-up 'Error' window will be displayed warning of an error in the POI file.
●Longitude and Latitude are now displayed, along with the line number, when an error is detected in the 'Duplicate' Check or 'Correct Coordinate' Check. This will assist those without Excel in locating the displayed file error.
●Resized the Coordinate requirements for 'US/Canada' to include PR (Puerto Rico) and VI (Virgin Islands).
●Changed the Variance range for 'Coordinate Duplicate Check'. Adjustable range is 0 to .0009 with default set to .0001

Thanks to all those who suggested the changes.

"Internet: As Yogi Berra would say, "Don't believe 90% of what you read, and verify the other half."

Deleting unwanted POI file

I have a Garmin NUVI 680 and am new to POI files. Is there a procedure to delete a single,installed POI file without erasing and reinstalling all of the POI files with POI Loader? The only thing I've figured out so far is to delete the poi.gpi file and start over (reinstall all desired POI files).


Combining POI files

Still new to POI - I have a bunch I've verified and put on my Nuvi 350. However there are a few files (Greensboro NC parks, streams etc) that I'd relaly love to see combined in one POI file - it'd be easeier to search, load etc.

Whats the easiest way to combine these POI files?

POI File Structure

I did a modest trial creating a POI file. About a dozen points. I saved it in an EXCEL CSV file.

POILoader for Garmin says it can use EXCEL CSV files and it made good on it's promise. The points (and my little bitmap icon) all loaded correctly.

Now I'm back to work putting in all the points. There will be about 180 all told.

My question is:


Ball parks

Would be helpful if someone could create a POI for ALL minor league ballparks/teams. Just wishing.

How to Use Text to Speech on StreetPilot i5

I loaded my i5 with Red Light Camera data and it accurately displays a textual alert on the screen.

However I have two problems:
1. I also uploaded a mp3 with the red light camera poi. But i don't get the speech warning when the visual alerts are displayed. Is the text to speech functionality available on the i5?


Zip Code files

I sent you message about the Zip Code file.

Most Downloaded

I wonder if there is any interest in tracking the most downloaded POI files?

POI Icon BMP files

Hello, I'm new here and have been playing with making the ICON files that go with POI files.

Somewhere I read that the BMP should be saved as 16bit, but I can't get 16bit to work on my Nuvi 360. Saved as 8bit works just fine.

BD • Nuvi 360 • Mac User

Extracting Coordinates From PDF Files

I am looking for some assistance on how to extract coordinates from PDF files. What I would like to do is go to this website:

and get the GPS coordinates for ALL railroads in Dakota County MN

Making Phone No. work with 550

Can I make custom POI display a phone no. so they function like the pre-loaded PIO's so when the custom PIO is diplayed I see the phone icon so I can call using the bluetooth to my phone.


Have The Data, Can't get the format right!!

Hello All,

Pre-Loaded vs. Custom POIs

Hello new to this site and GPS units for that matter. I have just purchased a Garmin Streetpilot i5. It came already loaded with the entire US map and x number of POIs. I would like to make my own custom POIs using Excel and the Garmin POI loader. I think I understand how to do that, but my question is how will these custom POIs get loaded onto my unit?

More Radio Station Files?

I'm in the process of creating my own version of AM/FM radio station files from the data at I'm doing individual files of each state of interest to me and I was wondering if there was any interest in this type file as opposed to one huge file?

Grayson, GA

Sorting Order?

I just wondered if you have a LARGE POI file (and I have no idea how large), would it help the GPS be more efficient if one sorted the file, say buy latitude and then longitude (or vice-versa)?


Grayson, GA

POI with multiple .JPG'S

OK, so I created a poi file for Colorado ski areas using Mapsource and saving as .gpx file, it contains (I think) 37 locations.

I have no trouble associating a (1) .jpg using the waypoints properties, file/url association method. (naming .jpg same as poi file)

But..... what if I want to associate a different .jpg for each of the 37 locations in the poi file??

Nuvi 660 & Etrex Vista

New Jersey/New York Malls

Would someone out there be able to post a POI list of New Jersy/New York malls.

My wife and I like to venture out and this list would be real easy if posted to my Garmin c340.



Alan-Garmin c340

Is there a freeware POI creator


The article on manually crating a POI is good. However, I hate wqorking with spreadsheets. Does anyone know of a freeware software program that lets you easily create POIs?


Here is a summary of how I create POI's

This is, in a nutshell, how I am creating my POI files. If there is an easier way that you guys see, let me know. This may be useful to those that haven't done one yet. I figured this out on my own, so trust me, if I can do it anyone can. A basic knowledge of MS Excel is needed. I am not a technical writer so I apologize if this confuses

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