New to the board and perhaps a silly question


I am newly exploring POIs in my GPS and am wondering how I import a CSV file. I am sure this has been covered previously and perhaps someone could simply point me to the thread.

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Not sure about your Garmin model....

but for the ones that accept custom POIs you should be able to download Garmins POI Loader aplication from their website.

POI loader is simple to use once you've used it once. Just save all the CSV file you want to load in a folder and point POI Loader at that folder when asked.

I'm sure someone will be along soon with a more detailed explanation, but without my GPS and POI loader at hand that's about it for me.

Yeah, like he said, first,

Yeah, like he said, first, we need to know what make and model you have. If you have a recent Garmin, then you can use the POI loader taht is found on the Garmin website. For starters, you can just run it with all of its defaults and they will go in. However, once you understand POIs and what they can do for you and such, you will want to run it in manual mode (perhaps), rename you custom poi files, and such.

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It doesn't look like the

It doesn't look like the Garmin 478 (as noted in your profile) will accept Custom POIs.

As others have asked, which model are you wanting to load Custom POIs to?

But for Garmin models that do accept Custom POIs, check out this link.

Also, click on the 'getting started' link and the faq & help' link at the top of the page for more info.

MC Momma would be correct, I

MC Momma would be correct, I am running a Garmin 478, whcih sounds like this all may be a mute point if I can't load Custom POI's in to it.

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Had the same question,

Had the same question, thanks!