Attention all POI file builders.....


Hello everyone,

Please check the alphabetical list of poi files before posting your file to make sure that it is not a duplicate file.

We now have so many files that I have lost track of what we have and what we don't have so I may pull something out of the moderation cue that I shouldn't because it is a duplicate.

People take pride in being the authors of these files and like to get the credit that they deserve. By posting a duplicate file you are taking the spotlight off of their hard work. If you see corrections that need to be made send them an email or let me know, Please don't make a duplicate file and try to post it. It makes more work for you and me.

Miss Poi

miss file named

miss file named 'Updated apple store list' is a dup of the apple store list but mine is current. Please take downmine and replace the old file with mine.

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Thank you msgreenf,

I got the file taken down and transfered the updated comments to the page so that you would still receive credit for your assistance with the updating of the file.

Miss Poi

uploaded file

I was wondering why dfred1 (user name) was able to take my Colorado State Parks file and call it his file? His file was very incomplete and he had named his old file "Colorado stateparks" which I thought was very sloppy...



You bring up a good point.

When a new file is uploaded to the site, I've been checking the list of POI files to see if a similar file is already there. If so, I compare the two files and keep the one that is most up to date.

This morning, when I compared your file with the file that Dfred posted, I kept your file instead of the old one. I then updated the notes, giving you credit for the update.

Part of the issue in this situation is that the original contributor is prominently featured at the top of the page while credit in the notes for additional maintainers is less visible.

Your question made me think again about how these situations should be handled. I don't want to discourage people from making POI Files because they are just going to be used to update a file that has already been made. I want people to be open to improving the files and have them feel like their work is appreciated.

The system we have for the new POI Database is a little better. It shows all of the contributors as equals because POI Factory is always the name at the top.

What I have decided to do in this case is to treat the file as a team effort and give equal credit to both parties. I will list both contributors in the notes just like it is done in the new database. POI Factory will now show as the author of the file.

With the new Metro Area project everyone that contributes gets equal credit for their work.

Miss Poi