Basecamp crashes when transferring route to RV890


As the title says Basecamp crashes when transferring route to RV890. Tried multiple times, rebooted laptop, and Garmin, using genuine Garmin cord. Device fully updated and battery charged. Transfer does not go through.

Any suggestions.


-- Later... Ray

Well ..

You could try exporting the route as a .gpx file then copying that file to the GPX folder on your device.

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BaseCamp and RV890

You might want to check the version of BaseCamp. I used version 4.7.5

I created 2 routes in Basecamp starting with the New Route icon, and setting Activity to Driving. One selecting saved waypoints, and the other drawn freehand on the map with random locations. Both automatically saved in the My Collection section.

I connected my RV890 and waited for Garmin Express to recognize it was connected. Then In BaseCamp I highlighted the 2 routes in the My Collection Section, then at the top of the screen selected Device, Send to Device, and Send Selection to Device, and waited for a few moments while a device status box came on screen. I did NOT see anything telling me if the transfer was in progress or completed.

I disconnected the GPS and powered it off, and then back on. The GPS screen said it was "updating" for a few seconds before powering up normally. I selected the Trip Planner on the GPS and the routes were there. For one of them I had to select a vehicle profile (just chose the car) - but both matched what I created in BaseCamp.

Not ideal, and not fast, but it worked for me. Hope this helps.

Sometimes in BaseCamp I'll get an error message that there is a problem communicating with the RV890, but the problem seems to go away when I disconnect and then reconnect the GPS.

Old Geezer

I have version 4.7.5. Once

I have version 4.7.5. Once last week I got the communications error message. Every time I have transferred in the past it went very quickly.

I tried the transfer the next day and all went fine, I have no idea why.


-- Later... Ray

Same Issue

I have the same problem but it's sporadic for some unknown reason. It occurs only with the 890 though, transfers to all my other GPSr's work fine.

I get around the problem by transferring the route from Basecamp to an SD card and inserting it in the 890.

Slightly Older Model

I have an RV 780. I couldn't get Basecamp to transfer the route correctly, so I copied the route as a *.gpx file into the GPX folder on my Garmin SD card. When I restarted the GPS, I went to Apps>Trip Planner, the GPS "clocked" for a minute or two (with a circling icon) and then it added the route to imported routes.

I have learned through

I have learned through experimenting that if you delete all the tracks in the GPX folder on the device, it will connect with no errors and not crash when transferring routes.

-- Later... Ray