Garmin Software and Walmart Locations


Does Garmin have an issue w/ Walmart resulting in 'spotty' marking of their locations? I have CNNA 2024 & some locations have a white shape showing the store & is labelled Walmart. Other locations will have the shape, but instead of the Walmart label, just a 'stack' of icons for the various businesses that are usually associated w/ Walmart stores. Or finally, there will be no shape showing a building, but there will be a stack of icons (w/ no mention of Walmart) on the street.

Any explanation for this?

Garmin GPSMAP64 Garmin Montana 700

Different types of Walmarts

I’m just speculating but in my area of southeast Pennsylvania we have two Walmart Super Centers and one “regular” Walmart. The super centers are significantly larger and in both of my cases have a very large grocery departments, which the smaller Walmart doesn't have or at best is very limited. The two super centers I refer to are in King of Prussia and Morgantown and the smaller Walmart is in Exton. Might be interesting to see how they show up on your device.

John from PA

For Groceries and Sundries. . .

. . . we have a Walmart Marketplace in addition to the "full blown" Wally Worlds in the region. Annoyingly, even the big ones vary what you might be expecting to find when the one you normally use is "out of stock". Checking online or via the app beforehand can still be hit or miss re: quantity available.

Interesting. Perhaps

Interesting. Perhaps Walmart needs to request (or pay) to be in the list ?