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I'm trying to add new voices and other content (POIs, etc.) to my OneXLS, but the internal memory only has about 15-20MB free after the "necessary" stuff.

Can I load a 2GB (or higher) SD card with everything that is in my Backup folder (using TomTom Home), and then have room for additional voices, POIs, etc. with the SD card?

Does the unit run whatever is in the SD card first, then the internal memory if no SD card is inserted? Is it like a PC booting from the CD/DVD drive instead of the HD?

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From my research, the answer

From my research, the answer is no. It won't read the internal memory plus the SD card.

Your GPS will either read the internal memory or the SD card, but not both.

You need to put the entire operating system and maps on the SD card.

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The XL-S can only read from

The XL-S can only read from the internal memory OR the SD slot.

Further, note that the XL-S bootloader only recognizes SD cards up to 2GB, ie, SDHC are not supported.

There are out there 4GB SD (non-SDHC) that some claim work.

You can backup your internal memory, put a formatted SD card, and then restore to it.

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Not Sure About One XL-S

I do not know if it works the same as my GO930, I suspect it does but don't want to steer you wrong. However, you might check out this forum:

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GO and One are different

GO and One are different beasts...

The GO series can use the SD card as expansion. The Ones use internal memory OR SD card, not both.