Max POI Name Length


This problem from another post sounds like a name length problem. Can anyone confirm and post the max name length?


allisong6 wrote:
allisong6 wrote:

One problem, my TomTom xl would not find any Holdiday's when I searched by "along route!" It found them fine if I "searched nearby" or by city.

I got it to work. What a long work around!

Open the ov2 file in poi edit
export to to csv
open in excel
replace "Holiday Station-cityname" with "_cityname"
save as csv
open in poiedit
save as ov2

I think this has fixed my problem of finding along a route. It must have something to do with the length of the field???

Anyone else with a tomtom want to try/confirm this? You can use the "prepare route" function in your tomtom to do this. You could try Ironwood, MI to Duluth, MN as an example. Does it find any Holidays "along route?"

I think there's a max

I think there's a max lengths of 63 characters. I recall reading that somewhere in the FAQ.

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Name length

The length of the display field is dependent on the screen width. On my 3.5" it is about 18 characters

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