TTSVoiceEditor for TomTom Vocalizer Speech Engine


This is my first version of TTSVoiceEditor for the TomTom GPS. It allows you change all the predefined phrases in your GPS. For now, it works only for TTS voice using the Vocalizer speech engine.

For example, change: "turn around when possible"
to "make a U-Turn, but watch for the cops!"

Not a very original example, but I am sure you can find better.

You can find the tool here:

Read the 'readme.txt' file for more details.

Please post feedback in this thread.


as always

thanks you for all you do


Thanks again for your help mine worked great cool

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It works? Cool!

I do not have a TT. It looked pretty simple, but I had no way to test.

Thanks for testing.



Are you sure it worked? What did you change? Did you test it?

I have someone who reports he changed both "turn left" but he says it does not work.

Any hint for him (and me!) ?