BEST tomtom unit ???


having had my nuvi 760 die, im seriously looking at a tom tom. which tomtom unit should i get ?
i need :
1. Unit which can take SD old garmin could take 16GB.
2. Ability to play MP3s and navigate.
3. Bluetooth
4. FM Traffic receiver
5. FM Transmitter (Optional, prefered)
8. small size - smaller the better. i dont care about big screens.
7. sturdy construction so it doesnt die on me - waterproof if possible.
price is irrelevant.

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Tom Tom 740

you might wait tell the new Tom Tom 740 is out, here's a link

Nuvi-3760 *** Magellan-5045

Maybe a GO 930T

I am not sure about the waterproof part though.

I have had a GO 930 (I don't need the traffic stuff) for about six months now. I have been very happy with it. I still have my Garmin 60CS, but wanted a larger screen for the car.

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Garmin vs TomTom

Sorry to hear about your problem...sadly, ALL electronic devices fail when least expected. As a point of info there are some electronic devices that are still being made here in the USA - HAM radio transceivers, antennas and associated equipment.

If you're serious about TomTom then look here: for comparisons, opinions, problems and their solutions dealing with ALL TomTom models.


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I really like my 930, but if the 740 is coming you might want to wait a little if you can.

Tom Tom 740 Coming April

Nuvi-3760 *** Magellan-5045

$100 off already


It's still 3 months until April 2009 and already has knocked $100 off the selling price.

TomTom's Forcast Darkens

Keep an eye on the #2 GPSr manufacturer, the future is a rather gloomy one for the one time solid Company, As TeleAtlas begins to pull it under.

For those interested:

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TomTom Forecast

I think all the manufacturers are in bad shape with the state of the world economy.

TomTom definitely did bite off more than they could chew with their TeleAtlas acquisition. However they are by far still the largest seller in Europe, by about the margin that Garmin has in the US.

They sold a lot of 125's cheap for the holidays and even are now, which can't have much of a profit. That may be Garmin's reason for upgrading and pushing their higher lines.

GO 740 Waterproof?

From what I've seen, I don't think the GO 740 is any more waterproof than my GO 930, which I don't think is waterproof at all. I'm not sure that any auto based unit would be waterproof for that matter.

Shooter N32 39 W97 25 VIA 1535TM, Lexus built-in, TomTom Go

If you are looing for waterproof and rugged...

Check out the TomTom RIDER 2nd edition. It does not seem to have traffic or music support, but it comes with a very nice Cardo scala-rider Bluetooth headset and a RAM mount-brand motorcycle mount.

Depending on how you want to use it, you might need to trade off some features for others. Check out the complete specs here:

Hope this helps,

GPS Naviagtor

My 930 can do that. The FM

My 930 can do that. The FM trans is not great but it is there.

TomTom 720

A buddy of mine has the 720 and likes it a lot.

Nuvi 765T, Nuvi 2350LMT

the 740!

I must admit, I LOVE my tomtom GO 740 Live, yes it will cost like 9 bucks a month, but I was paying 10 a month for verizon navigator..bye bye to that! the live features are great, I've added poi's from this web site with easy effort. loving it! ask if you have any specific questions!