Motorcycle trip 4/23 California to PA


Planning to travel starting 4/23 from the Sacramento Area to Pittsburgh on the FJR 1300 motorcycle. Current weather seems to dictate a southern route, so the plan is to head South on US395, pick up CA 120 east for some roller action, then south to Bishop and Death Valley. We should pass near or through Zion, Bryce, and will make a decision to either head south to Monument Valley, or northerly to Moab (Arches). The exit to the east is via Santa Fe with the next big objective being the Cherahola Skyway, to Deals Gap, then after a short stint on The Dragon, pick up the Blue Ridge parkway north.

Anyone have road conditions or suggestions?

be careful

Be VERY careful on the Dragon. I've driven it (4-wheeler) several times and have almost hit 3 or 4 bikers that are hanging across the double yellow line trying to push their scoots through the curves. I've also seen a lead sled being pulled out of a canyon because the rider and his passenger didn't make the curve - they didn't make a trip to the hospital either - it was straight to the morgue.

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Cherohala Skyway is open with one small detour or one lane...due to a slide... but open,
441 from Gatlinburg to BRP and Cherokee opened Tuesday...
BRP... check their web pages...maybe one detour now...some side roads and routes off the Parkway has loose sand and gravel due to heavy rains...

In my profile..I have a few POI that may be of help for those mentioned routes...

Have a safe great ride...take a look at this location for a motorcycle only resort... I am here great place, great food.
located near the Skyway, Dragon and BRP..

DGN MTF, IBA, MOA, BMW 1200GSA My picture...I was doing a charity ride in Georgia, got my picture with my bike and mural required...then a nice lady ask if she could take my picture...I agreed...when I downloaded this is what I got... just call me M

Thanks for the update. I'm

Thanks for the update. I'm back in CA and preparing to leave. I have done numerous cross-country trips on the motorcycle so it's not a new thing, but these will be new roads.

To the previous poster, I have seen riders take terrible lines on twisty roads, and the worst are the guys who get out on a cruiser once or twice a year to do a trip. They dress like pirates and ride like hacks. Anyone can make a mistake, but I make it a habit to ride late apex and away from oncoming traffic on the outside (left) curves, and ride wider on right curves to maintain vision.