R.I.P Cheetah

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Back In the Days

This brings back childhood memories. Tarzan at the sat movies 10 cents.

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I knew chimps had quite a long life span, but I was a little surprised at the 80 years.

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If I'm Lucky

I'll outlive the chimp! I di like watching football and listeneing to Christian music. Doubt I'll get as good care though. BTW, I don't throw poop!

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I agree...

Don B wrote:

I knew chimps had quite a long life span, but I was a little surprised at the 80 years.

I agree, didn't think they had that long of a lifespan.

Was It Really Cheetah?

Story from this morning's local newspaper.

arrow http://www.tampabay.com/news/humaninterest/are-we-chumps-for...

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That's one OLD chimpanzee!

My understanding is there've been several chimps over the years that've been in the Tarzan movies. It's hard to believe that one that acted alongside of Weismuller and Sullivan would still be with us.

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The experts are strongly

The experts are strongly doubting this is a legit claim, as it is rare that chimps live that long. Also, there is no documentation to prove this chimp was in the Tarzan movies.

not that wikipedia

is always correct, but check out what they have to show for Cheetah the Chimpanzee.

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Cheetah lived longer than the humans on Tarzan. And, I think some of the early Tarzan movies were filmed along they Myakka River near Venice Fla in an area now known as Snook Haven.

500 years max

I always thought the maximum lifespan of a chimpanse was only 50 yearrs.

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I don't care if the claim is accurate or not, it's better than hearing about the Kardashians constantly.

R.I.P. Cheetah


They said he had almost

They said he had almost human like qualities...