Noob POI question ... (McDonalds, etc.)


I understand what POI files have to offer for categories not already preloaded into my 265W, but what is the benefit of loading a POI for McDonald's when that chain is already loaded under the "food" section?


The custom POIs found here at POIFactory are typically more accurate and up to date than the listings received with map updates.
Another plus is that you can have alerts sound for custom POIs when you approach them.

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The custom POIs also show up

The custom POIs also show up with the little icons as you're driving the route, don't they?


If you're zoomed in enough, yes.

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I have discovered many McDs missing on the built-in Points of Interest, with no way to correct the missing entries. Mahoney's list contains more entries. I and others, submit changes to him when we discover the long/lat are in error. He keeps the file current.
In fact his file is why I joined the POI=factory.

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200 scale

IIRC, zooming to 200 foot scale (from larger number of feet scale) is required to see all such icons.

Missing Post Office

The main post office in an area I frequent is missing from the Garmin database. I'm not sure if it's in a POI database, because I simply made it a favorite by saving it when I was there. There are lots of POI's here at POI Factory and lots of folks updating them and accurizing them. All good reasons to be here.