Sears and Kmart Closure List


Partial List

Yes - I saw this on the USA Today web site. It is only a partial list, of 79 ot of 100 to 120.

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Too Bad but...

this is no surprise or shouldn't be to anyone. The buyers for their clothing have been horrible for years. Ask about anyone where they buy their clothes and 10 out of a hundred would seem high. This company has been going down hill since the mid 90's and without tools and appliances would have been gone years ago. They'll blame it on the economy and that might have a bit to do with it but if you sell what people want even in tough times a company can be a winner.

I agree

I agree, without tools and appliances Sears may as well close all their stores. They load the rest of the store up with junk, to the point that you can hardly walk through the place, and expect that we will still run to shop there. Finally the consumer is waking up!

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Just my $.02

The malls where many Sears are located, have twisty and tricky entrance & egress roads. The Wal-Marts are mostly straight in and out. I don't like the way the Sears stores are laid out either... The Kenmore washer I purchased developed a problem that Sears ?technicians? tried to fix 6 times. Corporate HQ intervened and refunded my money.
Recently, the Kmart cashiers have a long spiel about the Rewards cards. They can't be shushed until they say the whole speech. I don't like that and I've told the managers.

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