Hope to help the cause


As i am new to this site, I have had some experience creating databases and map objects for first responders all over the country.

I am an EPA/NOAA CAMEO Instructor and currently work as an adjunct instructor for LSU.

We have a tremendous amont of data that gets generated for classes and would love to have a clearinghouse here amongst your sets.

I am currently generating a database that will incorporate firse station data, which is how I found you. Any help you can provide would be most welcome. In turn, I will send you an updated bridge file that contains 94,000 records in .csv

Sharing information is the wave of the future. How it's utilized is another issue.

Thank you for your attention and time

E. Stefan Coutoulakis Exeter, RI EMA Director EPA/NOAA Cameo Instructor


As you can see there is an abundance of information here and sharing is what it's about at this site.



This is the ONLY site to use.


Welcome to the site. I'm familiar with some of the response work that comes out of LSU and Brian W's shop there.

Illiterate? Write for free help.