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Transferring Files from Garmin to Rand McNally

I am buying a new Rand McNally RVND 7720 and want to transfer all my saved favorites from my Garmin NUVI 765 T. Is this possible and how is it done.


POI posted

I posted a few .csv's for CMV's. Two are for the border crossings that are set for the Lat/Long of the truck lane or booth instead of a general Lat/Long and the other is a listing of dealers for Carrier Transicold.

Let me know if you find any issues with the Border crossings.

parking for big rigs

I would like to know if anybody has a cvs to download for us big rig drivers , where we can park and get an hotel or motel.

input icons (Rand McNally 520)

How does one upload POI icons to a Rand McNally 520?

RV GPS on iPad

I purchased the Rand McNally RV GPS app for my iPad and am wondering if I can add POI Factory files to it? I would like to add the Pilot Travel Centers as POI to my app. Does anyone know if and how I can do this?
I appreciate any help you could offer

Railroad Crossing Audio Warning (for TND 720)

Can you download a audio warning into TND 720 to alert a driver when approaching a railroad crossing when carrying haz-mat? When I'm watching traffic etc. I sometimes forget to stop at a railroad crossing when I'm placarded.

Rand McNally

Hi all,

I am a Technical Support Engineer for Rand McNally. I have been a member here for awhile and did not frequent this site much. I do see now that Rand should have a presence here to help with all the questions.

Since this is a site for POI's, please let's keep the topics for the Rand McNally to POI's only.

poi error message

Just bought the 7725lm yesterday. As I was importing some custom poi's the unit was reporting numerous errorsxand then locked up. I went in and deleted all the poi's but now when I turn the unitvon it says "custom pois available for importing" . It is showing 366751 records availabke. How can I fix this problem?

TND 710 CVS File Format

Hey all, Ive been playing with the data base file for Custom Poi's on my GPS. I found it to be a SQLite Data Base. So Googling it I found the program to read whats in side it. I found the format for the cvs file.

Lat. = integer
Lon. = Integer
Side = Integer Unknown I entered 0
POIID = integer Unknown I entered 0
Name = Char Unknown Length

Choices You Make Dictate Your Life.

mcdonalds etc (Rand McNally / alert before exit ramp?)

i am new to this and just downloaded the wifi and mcdonalds as well as the wallmarts but it seems that they are announced after we pass the ramp that they are on!!!! i am on my way to texas and everytime the gps announces these POI's we are passing them by. Is there anyway to get a heads up prior to the exit ramps? on 35 its hard to turn around.

Updates (Rand McNally Maps)

Just wondering if anyone else feels Rand McNally is a little slow on the updates. I use some roads that are new but have been around for a few years yet they dont show on my TND 720 I just got for Christmas. Any one else experiencing the same issues?

NO - RVND7720 *.csv load errors!

Recognizing Rand McNally is a late comer to this site (in comparision to the other GPS') it is no wonder the Rand McNally (RM) FAQs are a bit thinner than the others.

truck gps not routing down I95 through NY over G.W bridge

So here is the scenario: I'm up north picking up a load & say I'm delivering to NJ Port. The shortest way to go is down I95, through NYC & over the GW Bridge & down into NJ on 95. But the truckers GPS refuses to bring you this way & instead it will take you off of I95 onto I287 over the Tappan zee Bridge & down I287 to get there adding extra miles & time to your route.

Address Book Vs POI files

I hate to admit I'm not getting how to load POI files in my RVND 7720. Here is my story: I've created a CSV
Address file of family members and friends from my old Garmin data in the following format
Lon,Lat,location name,street address,city,state and zip. I loaded this file using the Rand McNalley Dock

Rand McNaly TND 720 and my own poi files

Hi there,
I just purchased a TND 720 and wish to load my own poi files on it, from what I've read it will recognize .csv files, my question is will it recognize more than the 4 columns that are in the sample? many of my poi's have more than 4 columns in that format.

unable to import poi (RVND 7725)

Hi - I've downloaded the DDD (Diners, Drive-ins and Dives) poi twice. Transferred to my RVND 7725, followed all instructions. The unit asks me if I want to import the data and I say yes. Then it just sits there doing absolutely nothing at all. When I finally give up and hit cancel, it still sits there like a dead thing until I finally turn it off.

RVND 7720

Looking at RVND 7720 vs Garmin RV760LMT. both look good but a comment on another forum "Originally Posted by Luckiest Dre View Post

voice (for tnd 720)?

does anyone know where to download different voices for the tnd 720 or if its even possible


Custom images


I know I can use the Garmin .csv files to add custom POIs to a Rand McNally

The installation instructions can be found here:

But how do I load custom images to go with it?

Kind regards,

How to Add Logos to POI

Does anyone know how to add the .bmp files to the POI? exclaim smile

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