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Rand McNally Voice add-ons ?

i tried a search, but i always have bad luck with forum searches.

Are there no voice add-on packs that have been created or that can be downloaded (i didn't see any on Rand's site)?

I have a TND740


POI vs Roadtrip

I am a complete newb when it comes to a GPS system. I know how to download a poi program to my gps. I can also get a road trip from Rand-McNally trip planner to my unit and possibly a Good Sam route.

100+ Multi Stop Trips

I am running into so many issues with trying to build garbage routes with addresses for pickup. I use software called Trashflow which shows pins where the customers are but has no navigation. We did buy GPS units for the trucks and can mark POIs with them. I was reading however, that I would be limited to only 50 stops. Is this accurate?

how to upload POI icons to Rand Mcnally TND730


Is there a way to upload POI icons to Rand Mcnally TND730

OverDryve 7 RV - can import POIs but cant find away to add/view on Map

I have the RM OverDryve 7 RV with GPS. I was able to create the "Import POI" folder following the instructions here http://www.poi-factory.com/node/47440 and was able to import POIs. The OverDryve says import successful - imported to "Custom POI".

But there is no "manage Custom POIs" in the Navigation preferences/setup.

2005 Beaver Patriot Thunder

Rand McNalley RV Tablet 80 (map updates)

I have had the Rand McNally RV Tablet 80 for two years now and the Maps have not been updates in over a year...... if I call their Tech Support they always say the same thing..... they do not know when the next update will re released. Send them E-Mail and guess they don't know what a Map update is.

Has anyone with the same unit got any type of update.

Transfering files from TND720 to a TND 740

I just got a new TND 740 my TND 720 gave out on me. How can i transfer my files and custom POI,S help please

joey king

Custom POIs along route

Hello all,

POI images

Hi, this is a great site, I was able to download the POI CSV file as well as a sound bite and bmp image. The CSV file uploaded using the dock software and I was able to place the sound bite into a folder with other sounds, but I can't find a location to put the image so I can select it when configuring the POI in the gps. I have a rvnd 7725. Thank you for your help

Zosimus - Survivor

map update

Does anyone know when the next update to the map will be. The last one is over a year old. You would think that the atlas people would put a new copy out each year at least when they come out with the paper version.

Rand McNally Overdryve 7

I was at a Best Buy near me this afternoon and I looked at the Rand McNally Overdryve 7. I generally don't pay much attention to anything, except Garmin, because that is what I own. Does anybody else here have any experience with this device?



USB 3 Problems

I have a Garmin Dezl 760 and a new computer. The new computer (Dell XPS 15) has USB 3 connections - Win 10.

Normal connection to the GPS to the computer does not work. The USB connection just starts the GPS operation. maps and all. Everything worked normally on a 4 year Dell.

A call to Garmin was friendly, but without any help.

Imported with invalid Format

My Elks Lodge, Baskin Robbins, and a few others did not download to my Rand McNally. The notation was "Imported with invalid Format" I downloaded the information in the correct CSU format.
Can someone help me with this?

2 replacement 720 have low volume

I've been sent 2,ran mcnally 720 truck gps replacement unit.

Weigh Stations on my TND Tablet

I imported a Weight Station file (From this site) and set the view distance to "state level" so now when I compare routes I can see at a glance which route has a scale or not. Pretty sweet i think! Awesome icon I choose for the weigh stations LOL

Click here to see a screenshot of my Truck Tablet


Rand McNally - Loading POI Files on The RV Tablet 80

The new RM Tablets do not use the Dock software. Here are the instructions for loading POI files to the tablet.
Manual process is as follows:
Connect your tablet to your computer.
Find the related drive for the tablet and open the RVT80 Tablet drive.
Then, open up the internal storage.
Find the .Navi folder and open it.
Then find the RM folder, and open it.

David Cross Rand McNally RV Tablet 80 Day after day as I try to remember, I find my forgetter working better and better.

Rand TND curve.wav

Does anybody know how can we change the LEFT/RIGHT CURVE AHEAD wave file on Tom's voice, it does not sound anything like curve but more like "carve" ahead, not trying to be anal about it but it can be irritating after 8 hours driving i have a TND530

assign alerts to my poi

I got a new rand McNally 7710 how do I assign sounds to my pois

Uploading POIs to Rand McNally


I'm new to doing this and stumbled onto this site. I was thinking about buying a Rand McNally GPS but my must have is to be able to upload custom POIs to the GPS unit.

Can all Rand McNally GPS units process/upload custom POIs to the GPS unit? Or do you have to buy a higher model to be able to upload custom POIs.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Anyone transfer trip from Good Sam (Rand McNally) to Garmin?

I use a trip planner from Good Sam that lets you download your trip to a Rand MacNally GPS; My question is can you 'convert' somehow so I can download from Good Sam trip planner to Garmin? I'm looking to buy a Garmin 760 for the RV.

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