Adding POI's to TomTom Go 2505


Hey, does anyone know if you can add custom POI's to the new TomTom Go 2505?

I currently have a Go 720 and am able to use POI Edit 2007 to create my POI's and then add them to my GPS unit.

I am looking to update my Go 720 to the new Go 2505 and have read in some reviews that you aren't able to add POI's, Voices, etc. Does anyone know if this is true or not? If so, why?

If this is true, I will be skipping this model...I just has to have me POI's!


Rayzer TomTom

I just bought the 2505TM and

I just bought the 2505TM and you are correct, at the moment you can not.
(According to their website)
* The following functionality is not yet available:

o Backing up
o Adding POIs
o Purchasing maps
o Downloading voices
o Managing maps
o Activating promotions (service cards, etc)
o Map Share corrections
o Sharing favorites
o Speed cameras

MyTomTom will offer any updates automatically once they are available for your device.

But I find this unit is a vast upgrade to the 340S I had before, and am looking forward to the MyTomTom software updates in the future to allow the above, I have been assured they are coming but the unit is only on the market from beginning of November 2010, which was a early release because originally supposed to be released 1st quarter 2011.
BTW 7 million POIs come already installed, but I do miss my custom ones I added.

I hope this helps you and other folks.
IMO I find this a fantastic purchase.


If you can't add new POI on these GPS, are you limited to the predefined POI coming with the maps?

Have you seen different ones? If so, try to find from which files they are coming and I'll see if I can duplicate the format.


Recent Tomtom 2505 update

I can now add custom POIs to my Tomtom 2505 and also am at the moment updating the map to the latest one.
According to the TomTom website more features are being added in the near future.
But having my own custom POI's again is a blessing as we travel everywhere and need to know where non standard POI's are, ie Microplay, TigerDirect, Winn Dixie.
Anyways have a blast everyone, and life life to the fullest.