Downloading/Installing Lifetime Map Update


I just ran into a problem today. When TomTom Home came up, it had a new map update for my XXL-540TM. So, I ran through the update procedure. When it was finished, I tried to operate the device and got the error message that the map downloaded was not compatible with my device. I called TomTom Support to see what may have happened. After several minutes on the phone, we got to the point about checking what maps were on my computer. It showed I had two maps installed, but no maps showing on the device. She told me to delete the smaller of the two maps on the computer and then add the remaining map onto the device. That went well, but when I started the device back up, I wanted to check for my POI's. Bottom line - everything was gone. However, when I check the files in the Map folder on the device, all my POI's are there. I tried several methods to find those POI's and Categories vis the Operate my XXL function. I assume I am doing something wrong. I can't imagine that every time I install a map update that I will lose all my favorites and POI's. What is still baffling me is the the POI's are still in the map folder on the device and it is not :reading" them. Any idea's?

Recovering the POI's after a Map Update

After playing around with the XXL540TM a little more, I found if I move the POI's that I had imported into the Map folder into the same folder as the downloaded Map update, I was able to resurrect my POI's. This does confuse me a little as they would work from the Map Folder before. Now they have to be in the Downloaded Map Update folder. If this happens every time I update the map on the XXL-540, its going to be a hassle. In this operation, Garmin has TomTom beat by a mile.

My update went just fine

I updated this weekend and everything when fine. No issues with the map. My custom POI's are still there. My favorites are even still there (I was expecting them to get deleted).

The only things that I have discovered missing were the proximity alerts for the POI's, and the 'Home' and 'Work' locations used for the traffic receiver.

Great News about Update

That's great that your POI's were still there. Hopefully the next time the update comes through, it will be an easier task on my unit. The Tech Support implied it should be.