San Diego and vicinity trip


My family is just finishing our San Diego vacation and the GPS was so helpful! First, since we bought the Go San Diego card that covers many tourist destinations around San Diego, I created a Go San Diego POI file, which I just uploaded (in case you want it). I also created POI files covering the places we had reservations to stay, downloaded POI files for Safeway (VONS) locations, CA beach locations, and other San Diego POIs. And we ended up using all of these POI files at one time or another while on the trip. It made getting to places and getting home so easy on congested roads that seemed oh so confusing to me.

In one case, there was a tanker fire that caused a huge traffic backup around LA (see I took an exit and drove west toward the ocean, knowing that my GPS would re-route me once I got far enough away from the fire as we headed back to where we were staying outside San Diego. I would have been so lost without it. And there is no way that anyone in my family could have read a map well enough in that situation to help me get out of it without pulling over for a while.

If you don't already know how, with a Garmin GPS, learn how to create your own POI files and alerts (I used instructions from and/or use a gpx generator (I purchased GeePeeEx Editor and am happy I did).

I don't think I'll ever travel without a GPS again. Glad I took mine with me on the plane and used it in San Diego!