Realized that my Nuvi 650 is limited due to the fact that it only comes with maps of North America. We are "Down Under" for several weeks and a map of the Sydney area would have been a help when we are traveling around in the city.

Australia Maps

Maps of Australia are available from Garmin for $150 at

I don't know what prices are in Australia, but if you're renting a car you could check how much extra it would be to rent a GPS from the car vendor.

There are also many sites on the web that rent GPS for people going to foreign countries.

Easily solved...

See here:

"Tracks4Australia provides an alternative free map set that can be used both with MapSource on a PC or uploaded to a map capable Garmin GPS unit.

The aim is to provide a high quality map set for all of Australia with a focus on non metropolitan areas. The set will NOT be adequate for marine or aeronautical navigation".

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