What's the limits of the NA maps?


I haven't traveled outside of the US since I got my Nuvi 680. In February, I'm going to Egypt and I was wondering if anyone can tell me where the limits of the North American mapping end. I was thinking about trying to track my progress on the plane, but wasn't sure where I would leave the map limits. Has anyone tried it on a trip to Europe?

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Your 680 Has A Builtin World Basemap

You can track your progress anywhere, just zoom to the desired level. You just won't be able to plan routes without the European maps.

Don't forget to set your routing to Off Road (Wrench, Navigation, Route Preference) to avoid a "Recalculating" loop.

Here's a screenshot of what you'll see:

Nüvi 2595LMT

If you want to track your

If you want to track your progress on the plane, you'll more than likely need to sit at the window and hold the unit up to the window to get and sustain a lock. I did this years ago with my old Garmin 12XL from Toronto to Gatwick. It was cool to see how we came into London, over the channel and landing west.

The limits of NA Maps

The limits are those of the USA and Canada with the possibility of navigating roads and POIs. For the world you have the major highways only. If you want to have the streets you have to find the maps for the region on sd card or on dvd.

Gps! ask where to go and get there! Best of all, what we need is to have accurate pois to reach all destinations